Killing Eleanore

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KILLING ELEANORE is an Adult Paranormal Mystery set in New York City. Eleanore "Ellie" Brennan, has been on a downward spiral ever since she was kidnapped in the summer of 1997. Although returned unharmed, she could never seem to remember what happened to her. To add to her turmoil, a few short weeks after her reappearance her entire family dies under mysterious circumstances. Now, twenty years later, during a Fourth of July party, she meets a man who offers her a way to return to the past and set things right. The only question she has to ask herself is: Does she really want to know the truth?

Mystery / Other
Samantha Lawrence
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Chapter One: July 8th, 2017

Petrichor. It’s only when that smell lingers in the summer air that I remember that night. My father told me that’s what you call the smell of rain on concrete, petrichor, and it’s here now. Streaming in through my open window, innocently permeating the air around it, unaware that the very smell sends my heart hammering into my chest, makes my palms sweat and my head dizzy.

It’s unnoticeable to everyone else in this house, but for me, it’s a warning, a gut-wrenching scream breaking the stillness of the night.

At twenty-seven it still pulls the memory to the forefront of my mind, wrestles it from deep within me where I’ve tried to lock it away. It’s never any use no matter how hard I try because I always remember the night I was taken.

Anyone familiar with the Eleanore Brennan Missing Child case from 1997 believes that twenty years ago something or someone saved me from a terrible fate simply because I was found alive. Though no one could ever prove I was anywhere but lost, they all had their theories: a pedophile in the area scared off by the search parties or an escaped convict who couldn’t bring himself to take the life of an innocent seven-year-old. Not one of those theories was even mildly correct, but I never spoke about what happened to me. Instead, I went on, trying to forget, wearing a mask of happiness and relief—living a lie. But that lie stops now, twenty years to the day, I’m going to make what happened to me right.

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