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We decided to play fight and have some fun before it got dark. We were having a blast until we got a mind-link that one of the kids were hurt. We ran back to the cabin and slid to a stop at the door to our living room. "What the hell?" I yelled. The second story about Summer, Blaine, Zane, and their children and how they deal with what comes next in their lives. Between humor, action, love, and a war.

Mystery / Erotica
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1 - The Change

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We had many ups and downs in our last sixteen-years. But, we’ve had a lot more joy in our lives. Many challenges have been made to our Alpha positions but none have been successful - thank the Moon Goddess. We’ve had an amazing life and I couldn’t wait to see what life has in store for us next.

“Mom, we need to get ready and you’re day-dreaming,” Haley told me as she smirked at me.

“Leave your mom alone, she’s driving down memory lane,” Zane commented as I looked at him and smiled. He knew me so well.

It’s been sixteen-years since I had my quads, Kaiden, Griffith, Autumn and Winter. Having the quads has been a handful. It was fun, frustrating, time consuming, and loving. My children had been the most loving children ever. They didn’t have a big head about being the Moon Goddess’s grandchildren. They just considered her grandma - which was very sweet. Now that my babies have turned sixteen, well, the quads had turned sixteen, it was time for their first shift. And, time for them to find their mates. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that little nugget of information but there wasn’t anything I could do about it but hope and pray they would have caring and loving mates like I do.

I was getting my six other children ready to support their brothers and sisters. They were excited to see their wolves. I was, too. I just didn’t like the idea that my firstborn would soon be adults. My other children were babbling and running around. The oldest one’s were helping me get the younger one’s dressed. There was a lot of chatter and a lot of love.

“Are you ready, honey?” Zane asked me, leaning in and giving me a kiss.

“Dad,” Griffith whined, covering his eyes. “Quit kissing mom while we are in the same room. I swear mom gets pregnant almost every time you kiss her.”

I started laughing. “No, I do get pregnant every time I’m kissed.”

“Mom,” whined Summer as she walked into the kids room. “Please, no more babies.”

“You’re going to need to speak to your dad’s about that problem,” I told her, wagging my eyebrows at her.

“I think I just threw up in my mouth,” Kaiden voiced as he walked into the room.

“Just wait until you have a mate, Kaiden, you will be the same way your dads are,” I teased him, getting an eye roll from him.

“Mom, we need to get outside now. I can feel it getting closer to our time to change,” Winter explained.

“Come on,” I told the children and my mates. I knew Winter was more intune with her body than all of the other children. She had always been more intune with her body and surroundings, so when she spoke we listened - most of the time. There were times that I knew something was coming or about to happen before she did.

We all walked outside and sat on the grass in the back of our cabin. It was an area we had designated as ours, so our kids could play or practice their magic. We sat around until the kids went silent. They were breathing in through their noses and out through their mouths - a technique that we had taught them to help with their change. As soon as I heard the first bone break on the oldest of the quads I knew it was time.

I could hear their whines but I was trying hard not to run to them. I knew I couldn’t help, but damn did I want to. Every time a bone would break I would wince - trying not to show the other kids that it bothered me. I needed to stay strong. I needed to talk them through their change.

“It’s alright, kids, let the change happen. If you try to stop your change it will hurt you even worse. You can do it. I’ve taught you everything you need to know,” I murmured to them.

Oh, my pups, they are in pain. Help them, Summer,” Justice whined and ordered.

I can’t help them, Justice, you know that. They will be alright,” I told her, trying to keep her calm so I could stay calm.

I looked at my mates and noticed their eyes going from blue to black and back again. Their wolves were getting onto them, too.

I heard another big bone pop and turned my eyes back on my quads. “You’re almost there. Your wolves are going to be beautiful and unique. You’ll see really soon. Breath and let your wolf take over,” I told them in a stronger voice than before. I wanted to instill strength into them. I wanted to let them know how fun it would be to see their wolf in the lake at the back of our property. I wondered if any of them would be a white wolf - the strongest of them all.

An hour later four wolves stood in front of us - all white. All four of my oldest children were white wolves. I had never seen it happen to a family before. But, I was happy they would be strong enough to take care of themselves.

I called one of the ladies to take the children inside to play and let the two youngest ones stay with us. I put the children on their dads backs and changed into my wolf, another white wolf, Justice. Now we had five white wolves, well, so far. Blaine, Zane and I howled, the children following. We took off into the trees, leading the children to the lake. As soon as we got to the lake the children moved closer and looked at themselves.

Mom, we’re white wolves like you!” Kaiden exclaimed.

Yes, you are. But, one of you has a little spot of black behind their ear. Can you figure out who?” I teased them, getting a look from my mates. ”What? You know how I am. I love to tease,” I told my mates innocently through the mind-link.

They shook their big heads at me, rolling their eyes. “Why would do that to our oldest children. You know how competitive they are,” Blaine whined through the mind-link.

I did some weird half bark half laugh kind of sound. Hey, it’s harder to sound right when you’re a wolf.

Hey, watch it, Summer!” Justice yelled at me.

Okay, okay. Sorry, Justice.”

Mom,” my children whined. “None of us have a black mark behind our ear. That was mean, Mom.”

Sorry,” I answered sarcastically.

We decided to play fight and have some fun before it got dark. We were having a blast until we got a mind-link that one of the kids were hurt. We ran back to the cabin and slid to a stop at the door to our living room.

“What the hell?” I yelled.

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