A Million Times

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"Why do you say your name as if it should send me running for the hills?" I said while he ran his fingers through my hair. His fingers stilled for a second and then resumed. "I'm wondering when will you run because believe me you will and I'll catch you too." I laughed and he followed. But the words uttered in a moment of the joke was actually the truth.

Mystery / Romance
Sasha Dee
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you are so beautiful; I do not care. Because it’s hard to be saved, by a prince who’s not there.

R U N N I N G. You never know when you’re running away from reality: Physically or mentally. Your feet are moving but your mind is impassive. When you are delimited by people but your mind is running away with thoughts and your body sits still.

Right now I was experiencing both. I was running for my life thinking about every little thing that I could reminisce. My mind was giving me an evocation of my life. Since running was in my kinship that was what I did best when nothing else worked out.

My father ran away before my mother could even give birth to me because that’s what he does best. He never married my mother and I bet he doesn’t even remember her name let alone mine.

My beautiful mother ran away from the semi-normal life we shared to become the richest man’s trophy wife in search of lost love and warmth of a human body.

“Run all you want but no one can save you from us, baby.”
The queasy voice of the man following me got closer. My lungs were unable to give me oxygen anymore and my body was sweating with fear of the unknown.

My heart was beating outside my ribs cracking through the bones with every step I took and my legs were turning numb. I knew it was a bad idea to attend the party of Joshua Graham, the golden boy of the school.

I was shocked from head to toe when I got a personal invite from Joshua himself to his party. I never get invited to any parties since the last year I joined this school. I thought Joshua was a decent guy and he talked very sweetly to me but we all know all wolves hide behind masks and still I believed him.

With my skin white as snow, I chose a black Bardot dip hem skater dress wearing it with matching heels. I enjoyed the little attention I got when I entered the party but then my smiles turned into tears of anger.

After more than five people who accidentally poured their drinks on me, I made a run from the party to avoid further humiliation only to get followed by two creepy men who wanted to more than just damage my body.

The world was conspiring against me because a little further down the empty road my heels dithered and I fell down on the cold hard ground with a thud. I should have called a cab and waited inside the house and told off Joshua how cruel he is but now maybe I won’t be able to talk again.

I did my best to get up but it was a lost battle. A tear streamed down my face, twisting in agony. I don’t want to give up so easily. I will fight with every ounce left in me. I screamed and then kept screaming until my throat turned dry and voice became hoarse.

I knew what was coming and with all my efforts I took my heels off, the last weapon to protect myself. My body was aching at every possible place but I only had the will to fight back in me.

I held the black pointed heel in my hand, ready to attack. I turned around to see the two men who were following me on the ground looking almost dead.

My hands shook as I noticed that both of them were bleeding badly. I wanted to scream but my brain refused to coordinate with me. I looked around to find another pair of legs making their way towards me and I thought this is it. This is how I’m going to leave this world which I never wanted to be a part of.

I craned my neck to see a tall guy towering over me, his knuckles were covered with blood and they were split open. He calmly wiped the blood off his hand in the handkerchief he produced from his pocket, throwing it back at the men lying on the ground as obvious evidence for the police but who am I to stop him.

I know I should fear him because he easily shredded two grown people like pieces of bread, but I found myself staring at that brown tanned hand reaching out for me. My first reaction to everything was run but this time I wanted to stay and that reaction threw me back a little.

It’s weird to think that in the darkness, his helping hand was the only thing I saw as the light. Capturing my hand in his he pulled me up from the cold ground I sat on holding my heels, to his sturdy chest.

My body grazed his and I felt nothing and then everything. It was not magical; it was terrifying for completely different reasons. The man lying behind me was holding his stomach in pain and then sputtered out blood from his mouth like water.

The other man was still unconscious and hopefully not dead. I don’t know if this area has cameras hidden somewhere but if they have I think I just might be in big trouble and by that I mean him.

His deep hazel eyes were glinting with violence and something else. His face was cut sharp and he looked older. There was a darkness lurking inside him and I wanted to be a part of it. A darkness that lurked inside me too.

I was afraid of everything at that time but not him and that was my biggest mistake because he was on a run too.

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