A Million Times

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a sky full of stars and he was staring at her.

H O L L O W N E S S. His eyes turned so empty that it blemished darkness. My body was completely leaning on his firm form. With a swift moment, he slouched his shoulders bringing his arms just above my knees and around my back, carrying me bridal style away from darkness. I stared at his beautiful face, his perfectly sculpted jaw, his lips red enough to tempt me to bite them and above all his eyes which glowed in the storming thunder with every flash of moonlight on them. I must be dreaming because this guy sure is the result of my imagination but I wanted to live in the moment for a while.

“Where are we going?”
I asked too softly. He didn’t respond and I sighed knowing pretty well why he didn’t hear me. My voice was very soft and people tend to ignore me. They usually told me to speak louder or made actions like cupping their ears. Even after repeating myself, they rarely listened to me. I don’t care much about people so I don’t go after them if they don’t come after me.

His voice was orotund, just my opposite. Loud and clear with a hint of roughness growling at the back of his throat. I was in a trance and didn’t question him further. At that moment I did not wish to know him better. He was an amazing person in my head and I wanted to cherish this as long as I have. Most of the time dreams are better than reality. In the back of my mind, I knew I was with a stranger who saved me today but he was still a stranger. Maybe I ran away from one criminal into the arms of another.

He could probably be a potential killer but in my heart something about him made me feel comfortable and safe. I just want to curl myself against his arms and feel his heart beating beneath my ear for as long as I can. The most calming sound is not the sound of the ocean but the heart which speaks to you with its every beat. In the middle of nowhere, without any words, I had the longest conversation I ever had with a person.

We arrived at a field with a path dividing the beautiful greenery. There was a circular patch which was barren and a baby blue blanket covered it. He softly settled me on the blanket and then took one of my foot and massaged it earning a low moan from me. Do you even want to question what was even happening? I was an introvert and being with a guy like this was completely out of nature for me. I might be turning insane because there is no other reason why I would stay like this with him.

My eyes were closed but I forced them to open up. The sky was full of stars and I understood what he was talking about. It was beautiful and I looked down to see the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid my eyes on only to find him staring at me. We stared at each other, not saying a word because we both thought it might disturb the beautiful ambience around us. I have never seen him around the town and yet he seemed familiar. I live in my old world and I don’t have gossiping friends to keep me up to date about boys and stuff. He doesn’t even look like a high school kid, maybe he goes to college here.

My feet felt a lot better. I had so many questions in my mind but I was afraid to ask him. He laid down beside me staring at the sky with those beautiful violet orbs glinting a story I so badly wanted to know but refrained myself from asking. I wanted to be on his good side because I’ve seen his bad side but the worst was still unknown.

He was mystery and danger combined and I was intrigued more than I’ve ever been in my life.

Struggling for a breath I sat up, shivering a little because of the cold breeze. Rubbing my arms I tried to warm them. I felt him behind me covering my small figure in his arms radiating heat so hot I felt like combusting. Slowly I leaned back on his shoulders not thinking about anything else. I wondered how long we could pretend that we were two passing souls embracing each other because we felt a connection.

How long will it take for this dream-like reality to break and show me the harsh world?

But for now, together we saw the damaged moon vanishing in the light of the burning sun. I didn’t even know his name, where he lives, his age, nothing. I was trusting him with my life and it was so easy because he almost felt like home. I don’t know whether to call myself vulnerably foolish or vulnerably brave to put myself on the line of danger.

The burning sun always brings a new day, a new morning, to some it is a start of a new chapter, a new beginning but to some, it is a reality check, that the previous night didn’t happen or will never happen again because when I woke up I found him gone.

If someone told me I could relive a moment until the day I die, I will definitely choose this one, just him and me laying in each other arms, together, forever.

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