A Million Times

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and I was never sure whether you were The lighthouse or The storm.

D I Z Z I N E S S. I knew it was too good to last. I hated waking up realizing that there is a gaping hole in my heart. I’ve always been an emotional fool, always seeing the good in everyone, always fixing up others when it is clear as daylights that it is I who need the fixing.

Opening the back door of the house in the early hours was something I never did. I slowly crept through the stairs and made myself fall on the mushy bed. It was a good thing where the-guy-whose-name-I-don’t-know took me, was just a few turns away from my house. Falling back to sleep felt like a good idea.

The alarm buzzed off after three hours which felt like only three minutes to me. I was completely exhausted. After snoozing for like ten minutes I made my way to the bathroom to get changed.

Walking down the stairs, I grabbed an apple off the fruit basket on the table and slipped out of the silent house. Blasting my ears with Tove Lo “Talking Body” I sat down in the farthest seat on the bus, my head buried deep inside my history book.

It was not like I was actually reading but it helped me deviate others from sitting beside me. A familiar smell of fresh grass and spice washed over me and I looked up to see two blue eyes staring at me.

His demeanor now seemed cold and distant. He eyed me as if last night didn’t happen. And maybe it didn’t because looking at him staring at me like he’s just noticed me made me feel like hiding away in my book, which I did.

He took the seat beside me staring right ahead at the head of John Morris, his red hair sticking out of the bus seat because of his tall stature.

After a while I noticed people turning back looking at the guy beside me muttering something to each other making horrifying actions that were completely confusing. Maybe they were shocked to see such a beautiful guy sitting next to a girl like me.

The bus stopped at its destination and I realized he and I go to the same school. There you go Genius. You cracked the code. My inner mind taunted me. I’ve never seen him in school before.

As he stepped out of the bus, without glancing my way, the crowd separated as their King had arrived. I saw him putting the black rugged jacket over his white V-neck shirt which matched his perfectly fitting denim jeans. He was not just any boy, he looked more like a man with more experience in his stride than any student his age.

Everyone followed him inside the school after a while, his presence affecting everyone. The usually chatty and flirty girls were looking at the path he trailed like a lovesick puppy but somewhere in their eyes, I saw fear.

For what? I don’t know. Steeling myself up for another school day and not bothering myself with the thoughts of last night I moved towards my trashy locker which has a dent in it because of some stupid fight that happened maybe two years ago.

My complaints and reports always went to dead ears so I stopped complaining and started dealing with a dented locker which was very special because only I know how to open it even after entering my locker code. It is part of my routine now.

With a kick start to the locker below mine, my locker opened its glorious door and I grabbed my other history books. History has always been an interesting subject to me.

The fact that the history of any place or people is very important because it tells us a very special part about them, a part which obviously affected them. There is always a story behind the built of a fort, or about a new ruler.

And I loved listening to other people's stories. Especially Tragic. It helps me forget mine.

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