A Million Times

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6.0 | V I R I D I T Y

he wore a thousand faces all to hide his own.


D E A D. Theodore Collins, the man I wished would just die when he held me in his arms not a few hours ago is now dead.

A cold shiver ran down my spine, my hands still trembling thinking about him. I sat in the corner of my room in the same dress from the party looking at my hands that seemed red with blood. I blinked my eyes continuously and opened them again to erase every image of that man. I want to forget him like he never even existed.

I tried to get up on my trembling legs and forced the dress out of my cold body. I walked over to the bathroom and stood under the shower. I let the waterfall, awakening me from this nightmare.

My mother and Dane were forcing me to come to visit the Mayor’s house with them. They wanted to show their support to them and I can’t help but feel ashamed of them. How low can someone go for their own benefits?

I only wanted to talk to one person, find solace in his arms and inhale his musky scent until I’m in slumber too deep to get broken but the thought is lurking in the back of my head where I store all my darkness where no light could reach.

I changed into a casual black top with matching jeans and kept staring at my fresh makeup-free face in the mirror until three knocks resonated with the quiet of my room.

“We have to leave now Natasha.”

I blinked away my thoughts and opened the door to join my mom. Dane was already in the car waiting for us while furiously typing away something on his phone.

“You told her what to say to Jenna”

Dane asked my mom completely ignoring that I was in the car too. Jenna, the mayor’s wife would be devastated after losing her only son but seriously I couldn’t share her pain.

I don’t feel a damn thing about the fact that Theodore is not with us anymore. I’m more terrified of death and of how close it was to us all. He must be dead for a while before they found his body. We all were in the same building. It could have been anyone or was this a planned killing.

The car stopped in front of the mayor’s house which itself looked like a funeral. The house was huge and it had dark vibes coming out of it in waves. Maybe that’s all in my head, a dark palace.

I spotted smoke coming out of the alley beside the building. My parents, the concerned people that they are rushed through the doors to be the only shoulders the Mayor and his family would cry on. I followed that smoke, somewhere in my mind I knew who it was but still, my heart wanted to confirm.

“I was waiting for you.”
He emerged between the smoke and I just couldn’t handle the fog. I coughed hard, my eyes got red and a few tears jerked out of my eyes. He immediately threw the cigarette away on the ground, strongly twisting it with his shoes.

“See what I did there. Something caused you pain and I made it go away.”
I looked at his face in pure horror. I know what he’s insinuating but I don’t believe he can do something so terrible.

He finally cracked a smile and all the while my heart had stopped its rhythm.

“God, Xavier. He is dead. You should not joke about it.”
He pulled me against his body and circled his arms around my waist. My forehead touched his lips and I just couldn’t help but close my eyes.

The tension left my body and I relaxed under his hold but I still had so many things going inside my head that I might explode.

“What happened to you at the party? Why were you avoiding me?”
I whispered softly and shivered as the wind turned cold.

“You ask a lot of questions, Princess. You are a part of my life even if you don’t want to and I won’t let my father corrupt the one pure soul I have in the chaos of darkness.”

“What is it that is so dark that you want to hide it from me so much?”
I didn’t know if I was ready for whatever the secret was but my curiosity was killing me.

“I don’t want to kill you, babe.”
He laughed at my stunned expression and then delicately pressed his fingers on both my cheeks until my lips pouted. He looked into my eyes, studying me for a while and bringing his face close enough that our nose touched. My breaths became shorter and my heart started pumping harder.

His lips finding descended on mine and I came alive. My hands found their place in his hair. I pulled them tightly when he started biting my lips. His angry eyes met mine and then he moved down to my neck while reversing our positions too. My left leg was high up hanging on his waist. He attacked my neck while I struggled against him.

He finally pushed away and I quickly pulled out my phone to check how much damage he has done to it.

A big reddish mark was there on my neck which I can not hide at any cost. I scowled at him but I saw something different in his eyes even for that one moment.

His eyes looked dangerous. Nothing is more dangerous than secrets and his eyes held many. He looked animalistic and again goosebumps rose all over my body but then also I couldn’t understand what my mind was already saying to me.

R U N.

But I kept standing and maybe that was my mistake.

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