A Million Times

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She found the colors to paint him where the world had left him gray.

S C A N D A L S. The school was buzzing with the town's latest mysterious murder. I was thankful that no one had any idea how much Theo pursued me. I can’t imagine the number of rumors that would float around if anyone found out.

Yesterday, when I reached behind the church I found no trace of Xavier. He disappeared and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I left a few messages which got me no replies.

I walked back to the wake only to get smothered by my mother to perform the perfect daughter act she desperately wanted me to perform and after that, I was just too exhausted to call Xavier. I hit the bed as soon as we got back to the house.

Now, here I am standing in front of my locker putting back my Literature books when I felt his presence. The quiet thud in my heart, the wrecking nerves and every tiny hair in my body stood when he was near me. My anoesis heart connected with his even from afar.

I turned slightly to watch him walk like he owns the damn ground he touches. The students stared at him as if he is the zenith of their life. His presence is like nepenthe to me.

His stride was angry and face held up the most pissed off expression. Sometimes he behaved like an angel and sometimes like a détraqué. I get whiplash just watching his mood changes.

I closed the locker with a bang not waiting for him. He can walk with me to the library if he’s interested. There is no way I’m causing a scene here if he is in one of his rare moods. But I think I underestimated how pissed off he really was.

His orotund voice stopped me from moving any further. Why does he insist on making my life difficult? His last stunt was still talked about and now this.

He was beside within seconds and his hand branded my arm with his tight hold. He dragged me with him as far as he could go away from the gawking eyes. I kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut but all I really wanted to do was punch him in his beautiful face.

He pushed me inside an empty classroom and closed the door behind him because that’s where he always drags me to. I stood there nervously playing with the ends of my hair. He rested his hands on the door with his head hanging low. His broad back arched with every muscle he flexed.

“Xavier, what you did out there was completely insane? Don’t ever put me in a position like that. Ever.”
I said to his back and my voice rose with each word that left my lips.

He turned around so fast and moved towards me and stopped only when my back hit the wall. I pushed at his chest but he wouldn’t budge. I finally looked up at his face and saw his eyes chatoyant from hazel to pitch black. He was crazy. Absolutely nuts.

“Let me go. I don’t want to talk to you when you are in such a mood.”
I pursed my lips and folded my arms against my chest and looked away from him.

His hand captured my jaw harshly and turned it back towards him. A gasp left my mouth as he pressed his body further against mine.

“Never ever ignore me again. I told you to meet me behind the church yesterday and what you were doing was flirting with Lion Collins. I hate that man guts and if you ever came near him again, I will rip him apart. Do you understand me?”
I don’t know how much time passed when I was talking to Lion but clearly, it is not my fault if someone is telling me something about him that I don’t know.

“I was not flirting with him, moron. He actually told me some things about you and even if I was flirting with him it is really none of your damn business.”
I don’t know where this steel in my spine was coming from but I held myself together when I saw the storm clouding his face.

His hands grabbed my shoulders and he bought his face so close to mine that we were breathing the same air. No words came tumbling out of my mouth. My body was playing games with my mind. My mind felt repulsive of my body for liking being at mercy of him.

“You don’t think I’m serious when I told you I’ll rip him apart. You’ll regret not listening to me, my princess. I don’t care what he told you because they are all lies.”
The sardonic smile that hit his face sent chills down my body and I couldn’t hold back anymore. His hold on my shoulder became tighter.

“You’re hurting me, Xavier.”
I said in a small voice and his hands left my shoulders as if they are on fire. I looked up at his eyes as he blinked his eyes furiously and ran his hand through his ruffled hair.

His hazel eyes locked with mine and he held it there. I took a tentative step towards him placing my hand over his chest. My other hand grabbed the back of his neck. I looked up at his plump lips and pulled back at his hair to get back at him.

His eyes thundered before his lips descended on mine. I returned his kisses with equal fervor biting and sucking when he lost focus. I don’t know how long we stood there making love to each other mouths but finally, I pulled back and rested my head against the wall lazily dragging my eyes over him.

“Don’t look at me like that, princess.”
I giggled and smiled wide when he reciprocated. This man could drive me crazy with just one kiss. How am I ever going to survive without him? Maybe I never want to find out.

I remembered my conversation with Lion and the questions flooded my head once again. He was happy with a satisfied smirk resting on his lips but the color left his face when I asked him the next question.

“Who is Rose?”

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