Reading Between the Lines

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Chapter 11

The sun shone brightly into the hospital room, causing me to stir. As I began to open my eyes, I saw that my head was tucked into Samuel’s lap. His arm had gone to casually lay across my stomach, his fingers curled around my hip. With his head resting on his shoulder, Samuel looked at peace. I couldn’t stop myself from watching him as he quietly slept. Ok, now that’s creepy even for you.

I did my best not to disturb him as I lifted my head and sat up on the couch. Looking over at my mother, she seemed to still be sleeping off the pain meds. The uncertainty of the situation hit harder as I stared at my mother, tears beginning to prick in my eyes. I had already tested to see if I’d be a match for Mom. Hazel and Samuel did too. We all tested negative. I truly was waiting for a stranger to come and save the day. Who was I kidding? That sort of shit only happened in the movies.

My attention was brought off my mother when I heard the sound of heels clicking as the person made their way down the hall. My curiosity got the best of me and I walked towards the hall. I glanced down the hallway with an eyebrow raised as the sound got more aggressive. Who knew there was such a thing as your shoes aggressively clicking on the floor.

The sound became exceptionally louder as Sara Wilde rounded the corner. A scowl was set on her face as she continued walking towards me. SHIT.

I did my best to put a believable smile on my face as Sara approached me. “What can I do for you, Ms. Wilde?”

“I think you know why I’m here Ms. Gilbert.” The tone in her voice told me that she wasn’t messing around. “I was going to wait till Detective Rhodes was here so he could see what’s really going on but looks like that’s not going to happen.” Out of all the times for Samuel to be here! As long as she doesn’t walk into the room, I’ll be ok.

“Whatever is going on I can assure you that I had no part in it.”

“Really? So, you have no idea about someone calling the cable companies in the area trying to get information on the case?”

“No, because in case you haven’t noticed Detective, I’ve been a little busy.” Irritation showed in my voice as I gestured towards the hospital room.

“I find it a little harder to believe that you playing nice with Detective Rhodes just so happens to coincide with someone impersonating me as they called the cable companies.” Great, so she REALLY knew what was going on. That’s just fucking great.

As I opened my mouth to speak, I heard the sound of footsteps approaching me from behind. Looking back, I watched as Samuel came to stand behind me, resting his forearm against the door beside us.

“What are you doing here Sara?”

“I’m not surprised you’re here Sam.” She shook her head before continuing. “Listen there’s something you need to know about Cassandra.”

“And what would that be exactly?” Samuel used his free hand to run a hand through his hair.

“Ms. Gilbert here has been lying to you. She called all the cable companies trying to get information on the Crenshaw case. Not only that, but she impersonated to get the information. You’re too close to her, she’ll jeopardize this case!” Sara’s face became flushed as she stood in front of us. A smug smile crossed her face as she stood before us. I did my best to keep a straight look on my face because I knew the second it faltered; I’d be over.

Samuel’s face remained unnaturally neutral as his eyes focused on Sara. “What proof do you have that Ms. Gilbert is the one that did all of this?”

“Well, nothing at the moment but it all adds up. Why do you think she suddenly has decided to give you the time of day when she couldn’t stand to be in the same room as you- “

“So, you’re telling me, that you coming here and accusing Cassandra of something so ungodly stupid without even a shred of evidence against her?” A harsh tone took over Samuel’s voice as I could feel him tense beside me. His free hand, which had rested at his side, had come to rest against the small of my back. I had to stop myself from shivering at his touch. I also couldn’t help the guilt that began to settle in the pit of my stomach. I did what she’s accusing me of doing and Samuel’s just defending me no questions asked. Aren’t I a piece of shit?

“I don’t know if you can tell, but Cassandra’s been through enough with her mother in the hospital. Leave before you make it any worse Detective Wilde.” Sara stared at Samuel with wide eyes for a moment. She glared at me before turning on her heels and heading back down the hall.

“Oh, and Sara?” Samuel called out to her, causing her to look back. “Remember that I’m technically your superior. The next time you pull this shit. I’ll have you fired, and your ass sent back to Phoenix so fast it will make your head spin.” With a simple nod of the head, Sara continued down the hall and didn’t stop until she was out of sight.

My eyes were wide as they stared at the space Sara had vacated. I didn’t think I could feel worse about what I did. I was SO fucking wrong.

Samuel sighed as he removed his hand from the doorway and my back. “I’m sorry about that Cass, I don’t know what her problem is with you.”

“It’s ok. I tend to have that effect on people.”

Samuel chuckled before responding. “It seems so. I should probably head back to the station, make sure she doesn’t let the shit hit the fan with this crazy idea of hers. I’ll be back tonight to visit. Call me if you need anything.” Samuel briefly placed his lips against my temple before walking past me and down the hall.

With each step Samuel took down the hallway, the guilt intensified in my stomach. I knew that after this confrontation, the case needed to be solved and fast. Before Samuel could find out the truth.

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