Reading Between the Lines

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Chapter 17

The tears stopped in their tracks as I saw Ethan standing in the doorway. How Samuel didn’t notice him I will never know. The guy who was just brought in on suspicion of murder just showed up at my door. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!

“Ethan what a surprise! I didn’t expect you to be here!” My voice came out in a high pitched, squeaky quality. I tried to put some distance between me and him but with every step I took, Ethan edged his way closer towards me.

“That’s funny considering you’re the one that put the cops on me in the first place.” Of course he found out! How stupid did you think he would be Cassandra? “Luckily, the cops didn’t have anything to hold me. Which sucks for them, considering I’ve done everything they’re accusing me off.” My heart dropped to my stomach as the panic rose. Ethan was a murderer, who was now standing in front of me.

“You killed Crenshaw? And Sara? Why Ethan?! What the fuck is wrong with you?” The volume of my voice rose as I tried to back up even further. My back hit the back of the couch, causing me to stumble.

“There’s no need to panic Cassie. I’d never hurt you. Other people though, I can’t make any promises.” Ethan shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “I consider myself to be a gentleman so when Crenshaw and Detective Wilde came after you. Well- I just had to protect you.”

“Protect me? From what! Crenshaw was a harmless family man who got a little to drunk one night and spewed some hateful things at me! Sara was just doing her job! They didn’t do anything wrong!” I pleaded with Ethan.

“Ahh, but they harmed you emotionally Cassandra. I couldn’t just sit by and watch them do it.” Ethan’s eyes turned harsh for a brief moment before disappearing. “Which brings me to my next point. I heard what Samuel said to you. For someone that cares a lot about you, dare I say might even love you, he said some pretty uncalled for things.” Ethan picked up the home phone off a nearby table. He turned it over in his hands a few times before tossing it in my direction. “Call Detective Rhodes, bring him here.”

“No, I won’t.” My throat closed off as I choked out those words. “I was the reason he said those things. It’s not his fault- “

“But yet he was the man in the situation. He should have the common decency to swallow his feelings and treat you better.” Ethan took a few tantalizing steps towards me. “I would highly suggest you get him here Cassandra.” My eyes floated towards his hip where his right hand had come to rest. It took me a few seconds to notice the slight bulge coming out of his right pocket. A gun.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, tears appearing in my eyes as I dialed Samuel’s number. It loudly rang for a few minutes before he finally picked up.

“Cassandra, in case you didn’t get this before, I don’t want to talk to you.” His voice was gruff, still holding the anger from our earlier conversation.

“Samuel you don’t understand- “

“No Cassie, I do. You lied to me. Multiple times. You let me fall for you KNOWING that you were lying to my face every single day.”

“Please just listen. There’s something I need you to do.”

“You want me to do something for you after what you did? Fat fucking chance Cassandra. You know what- just lose my number.” Ethan must have heard what Samuel said because he pulled the bulge out of his pocket just enough to show to me the silver butt of the gun.

“Sam, please!” I cried out, my eyes connecting with the butt of the gun. “He’s here and- “Everything happened in a flash. Ethan had whipped the gun out of his pocket and with enough force, pistol-whipped me on the side of my head and knocked me to the ground.

I groaned out in pain as I hit the floor, my vision blurring. The phone fell to the floor beside me, conveniently being placed on speakerphone as it smashed to the floor.

“Who’s there? Cassandra, what’s going on? Hello?” Samuel called out; his voice frantic. Ethan bent down and picked up the badly damaged phone.

“Lovely hearing your voice again Detective Rhodes,” Ethan spoke, his voice taking on a frightening tone as his eyes fell to me. “You might want to listen to Cassandra and get over here as soon as you can.”

“You son of a bitch. If you hurt, her- “

“Guess what, I already did. I did not want to, but she was going to warn you and I cannot have that happening now, can I? You will be here at Cassie’s in thirty minutes. If you don’t get here on time or if you do anything to alert your fellow police officers- Well, let’s just say a pistol to the side of the head isn’t all she’s going to get.”

Ethan hung up the call, smashing the phone down onto the floor. His gaze once again floated to my injured body on the ground, his eyes lighting up with excitement.

“Looks like your knight in shining armor will be coming after all.”

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