Reading Between the Lines

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~Final Chapter~

I pulled my car up to the small, two-story brick building. The building was well kept, with several bushes of lilies lining the walkway. The apartment was one of the cheapest I found plus because the couple decided to go on a road trip around the country, they were renting the apartment with all their furniture! As long as the appointment went well, the apartment was mine!

As I stepped out of the car, guilt and disappointment ate away at my gut. I was willing to leave home and everything I have come to know just like that. What did that say about me as a person?

“You must be Cassandra!” The voice of a younger woman called out. Turning around, I saw a woman in her mid-thirties and black-rimmed glasses begin to approach me.

“That would be me. I take it you’re the owner?”

“One of them at least. I know you will just love the place. It is quaint, perfect for a young single girl like yourself. I forgot something in the car so you can head on in without me. It’s apartment 104, the key should be under the mat.” The woman smiled before dashing towards an SUV parked on the street.

I merely shrugged my shoulders before walking up to the building and entering. The first-floor lobby was neat, with black and white checkered tile flooring and what smelled like a fresh coat of white paint. Staring straight ahead I saw apartment 104, designated with gold lettering on the door.

I grabbed the key from underneath the front matt. After inserting it in the lock, I found myself hesitating. Here goes nothing. I turned the key in the lock. It hesitated briefly before completing its turn and unlocking the door.

Pushing open the door, I saw a gray modern sofa with wooden legs. Sitting in the middle of the sofa, with their legs stretched out on the coffee table, was Samuel. He shot up from his position when he saw me standing in front of him.

“Sam- what the hell are you doing here? How’d you get in? Better yet, how did you get the address for this- Hazel!” I found myself cursing as I shut the door behind me.

“After Hazel gave me the address, I came here. It just so happens one of the owners is the sister for our desk sergeant. Small world huh?” Sam chuckled; his hands stuffed in his pockets as he leisurely made his way towards me.

“I don’t know what you are doing here but I think you should- “

“Just listen Cass, there are a few things I need to get off my chest.”

“The last time you ‘got some stuff off your chest’, you ended up yelling at me on how stupid as I was. So, excuse me If I am not open to having you get more stuff off your chest- “Within a second, Samuel had braced the distance between us to stand a few inches away.

“If you shut up, you’d realize that I’m here to tell you I’m in love with you.” My mouth dried as I raised my eyes to meet his, which were filled with a mixture of humor and complete seriousness. “Don’t act so surprised Cassandra, I already told you once. Then again, you were bleeding on the ground when I said it so I shouldn’t hold it against you.”

“Why are you here- “

“Because Cassandra, I’m telling you I’m in love with you and I don’t want you to leave! Call me selfish, but I want you to leave next door to me. I know I could never understand what you are going through but I meant what I said earlier. I want to help you through this, whatever it takes. Because Cassandra Gilbert, I am wholehearted, without a doubt in love with you.”

I stayed silent, still staring in Samuel’s eyes, which grew more fearful as time passed. “So are you going to say anything or- “

I threw my arms around him, stuffing my face into his chest. He stumbled, taking a few steps before wrapping his arms around my body to bring me closer towards him. Sam’s chin came to rest on the top of my head as he gently placed a kiss into my hair.

“Guess now’s the time to tell her you won’t be needing the apartment after all.”

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