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Do give this book a read and play the KILLER GAME. :) _____________ LOVE. BETRAYAL. REVENGE One night. One murder. One murderer. Many suspects. One mystery unfolding others. Mayra cheated on Aron for someone else. He was broken but determined to take revenge. So at midnight, he got in her room with a knife. But after all those moments they spent together, Aron couldn't bring himself to kill her. He couldn't even raise the knife, so he left it there and went away. Next morning, feeling relieved from the burden of vegeanance, Aron wakes up happily. But when he finds the morning newspaper, all his happiness vanishes into darkness. The newspaper headline reads, "The famous Journalist Mayra West found dead in room." The police are searching for Aron, accusing him of murder. But Aron hasn't killed her. He isn't the killer. But then, who killed Mayra?

Mystery / Drama
Pranjali Aditi
4.5 20 reviews
Age Rating:


“I wonder how can someone be broken as much as she broke me.”
-Aron Brown

“Love is a game.
When you play it, you put your heart at stake.
If you win,
You lose your heart.
And if you lose,
It breaks your heart.
So play it wisely,
Not sincerely.”
-Mayra West

“Love is an illusive trap.
Until you don’t realise your fault,
You keep walking in its mirage.
But the moment you recognise your fate,
Is the moment it deceases your soul.”
-Mayra’s Killer

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