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Chapter 8

"A long day it was. Let's call it a night?" Claire asks Aron who is sitting silently on the couch with his head hung low.

She looks at him confused and then asks if he is hungry. "No. I'm fine." Aron speaks slowly to which Claire sighs. She puts her gun and the cap on the table and sits beside him.

"Are you okay? You are looking very down since we came back from the police station." Claire asks with concern and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Aron looks at her and passes a weak smile. "No, I'm just tired." He lies.

"Yeah! You must be. It was a tiring day. You can have rest in the guest room. Your clothes are in the black bag kept on the bed. Change and rest." Claire speaks and a yawn escapes her mouth. It was a tiring day for her too and she is horribly tired. But she won't accept that to anyone.

She gets up to leave when Aron quickly holds her hand. "Stay." is all he says and Claire looks at him concerned. Hesitantly, she sits back and stares at Aron to say something.

"Thanks Claire for everything, for trusting me blindly and for helping me solve this case." Aron thanks Claire to which she gets scared that why he is saying this now.

She stares him with wide eyes noticing budding tears in his eyes. Her heart breaks at the view of seeing her ideal cry. He was the hero who saved everyone and was always misinterpreted as the villain.

"Baby, you are the damsel in distress and I'm your knight in shining armour." She jokes and punches his stomach.

Aron smiles weakly and genuinely at her effort to lighten the mood. It might be his last day and he wants to have a good memory to die with.

"Are you tired?" He asks her and an infectious smile forms on her lips.

"No." She speaks emphasising it to give it a 'I am never tired' effect. Aron finds himself smiling at her childishness. She will never accept. He thinks and chuckles.

"Cool then let's go. Change into something comfortable." He speaks and rises to drag Claire with her.

"But where are we going?" She asks him with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Somewhere." is all he says before vanishing into the room.

"This is beautiful." Claire gasps at the sight of the sky filled with numerous colours.

The canvas of the sky is painted with the glitters of gold and silver with a tint of green,blue and red hues decorating it. The moon is shining brightly with its silver tint spreading across the black sky.

The sound of water splashing covers the background. In the dark night, under the heavenly beauty of the cosmos, the water appears shiny blue. It's outlines are prominent with white shine encoding the mysteries of its evolution.

"It's truly beautiful. I'm just- just speechless." Claire smiles at Aron who smiled back at her.

"I know it's beautiful." He speaks proudly at the home of his solitary heart.

Claire leaves his side and runs to play with water. When water becomes her ankle deep, she stops and takes a deep breath with emancipation.

Aron comes to stand beside her and follows her gaze to the moon. With his hands in his pocket, he speaks, "I have found this place when I was kicked out of Hollywood. That day I was drunk, driving blindly at the top speed.

See that rock there, the big one, my car crashed into it. I was bleeding badly and when I saw the water, all I wanted was to end this life.

I treaded towards the water, keeping my eyes at the horizon. All I could see was the vast ocean and my life's escape.

But when my life was about to end, I heard someone shouting for help. With the bleeding arm and no thought, I ran towards the voice and what I saw changed my life forever.

I saw a very beautiful angel crying for help. A crab had caught her finger in its claw. It was funny but I couldn't laugh. Her beauty has caught me captive.

She was the girl of my life. She was my hunter and I was the prey. She was my Mayra."

"I'm sorry." Claire says looking at him, checking if he's hurt.

"No. Don't be. I want to get over things. She didn't love me and I have to live with that." He says sadly like he will never be loved again.

Claire mentally thanks god for not making her a lovesick lost puppy. She looks at Aron searching for words to console him. "You see the stars, they look lovely spreading happiness. They spread smile to others but burn themselves. There are million of stars across the multiverse. Some are in their infant stage while some are preparing for supernova. Some have even become pulsars and black holes.

There's so much happening around us but we are able to see so less. Sky doesn't cry over lost stars, Planets don't mourn over lost moons. Life has to go on.

See the brighter side, you are free from the fake love. Now you can dive into the cosmos and explore real love. And trust me, when you will find it. It'll be worth the wait."

After that long piece of speech, they come back to their car. They sit on the car's hood and stare into the sky till they see a shooting star.

Next day when Claire wakes up, she smiles at the memory of last night's events. With a goofy smile on her face, she goes to the kitchen to make herself the morning tea.

But what she finds on the counter sucks her all positivity, draining her of hope. Her eyes go wide and she clutches the note firmly in her hands re-reading it.

Dear Claire,

Thanks for everything. I don't want to bother you more but please do me a favour. Save Sherly, I have taken the blame and hope that you will understand.

Your damsel in distress,



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