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Chapter 11

“Nothing happens to you by luck,
Your actions call for it
And that’s what we call Karma.”

Claire takes a deep breath and parks her car aside. Looking through the window, she notices an old yet beautiful and well-maintained farmhouse that stands out from other modern houses in its neighbourhood. Children are playing on the road and women are standing at a corner having their usual chitchat. All in all, it seems like a very ordinary and lively neighbourhood.

Smiling at the children and the optimistic atmosphere, Claire gets out of her car and walks to the farmhouse. She looks around and finds no one in the front lawn. Sighing, she pushes the gates and walks in.

Trees overshadow the path to the building and Claire’s feet crunch the dead leaves on her way marking the arrival of an unwanted guest. Biting her lower lip with her heart beating hard in her chest, she rings the doorbell.

After a traumatising minute, the door finally opens to reveal an old woman with blonde hair and deep brown eyes, identical to Mayra. The woman is really looking like an older and shorter version of her. Claire’s voice gets stuck in her throat on noticing the similarities and she stands there frozen, staring at her with awe.

“What do you want lass? If it’s some stupid cookies again then I swear I wouldn’t hesitate to kick you out, again." The old lady speaks in a very threatening way while narrowing her eyes.

Claire realises that she hasn’t replied her till now, she clears up her throat and speaks, “No ma’am, I’m not here to sell cookies. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about some case.”

The old lady narrows her eyes even more if that’s possible and stares very hard at Claire. If only looks could kill. Claire thought and gulped, intimidated by a very short lady. She mentally faces palms herself and forces a smile.

“What case you are talking about?” The lady demands.

“Mayra West’s Case,” Claire speaks and in a nick of time, the door slams shut on her face.

Claire jumps back as a reflex and stares wide-eyed at the door which is closed now. “What the......” she slaps herself for her stupidity and scolds herself. “Why did I get so nervous? She was just a short woman.”

Shaking her head, she gets back to the gate with low shoulders and depressed mood. She has to talk to them. She pushes open the gates and exit the perimeter of her hope. Feeling down, she decides to rest for a while and sits on the bench near the gate.

She looks up at the sky and watches the full moon with stars twinkling around it. The canvas of the sky is black but the shimmers of the moon and the stars overlaps any flaw in it. When stars signify hope, the darkness prompts to discover the mysteries that lay in its lap. The moon is shining brightly but there are spots in it too. Some accuse these spots being flaws in the moon’s ethereal beauty while some derive motivation from them and learn to accept their lives with every flaw.

Unconsciously, a smile spreads over her face and she can’t resist the view.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A voice with adoration laced in it speaks to her. Claire snaps out of the gaze and stares at a boy sitting beside her. His shining blonde hair falling on his crystalline blue eyes and a genuine smile on his lips.

“Who are you?” She asks to receive a smile.

The boy lowers his gaze from the sky too and stares at his lap. “I’m Bentley, Bentley West.” He speaks sheepishly.

Claire’s eyes calculate his words and she realises the similarities between the two. “Mayra’s Brother?”

“Hmm.” He nods and continues, ” I am sorry about my grandma’s behaviour. She is a bit upset about May.”

Claire shrugs and replies, “No, don’t worry. It’s natural for her to be upset after Mayra’s death and you know, this killer drama and all.”

Bentley shakes his head wildly and denies her thoughts. “No, it’s not that. She didn’t even care that May died and actually, I don’t care either.”

Shocked by the things she is hearing now, her mouth keeps ajar. “But why?” She asks with disbelief.

Bentley sinks further in his seat and speaks with pain,” It’s just May. She hurt us. After our parents died in that Pentagon crash on 1st September 2001, we were raised by our Grandma Dorthea Martin, our mom’s mother. She is a very strict and disciplined lady, but a soft one. She is very humble and kind and that’s what Mayra took advantage of.

Grandma taught us to be good humans but Mayra turned out to be a manipulative one. She used people for her benefit and then threw them aside like trash. Even when she was a teenager, she used to cheat and manipulate people to get what she wanted.

When she grew up and got the job of a journalist, she dated boys to get information or be in limelight. Grandma was very annoyed with this and when one of her ex-boyfriends committed suicide for her, Grandma couldn’t take it more. And the fact that Mayra wasn’t even feeling sorry for that, made things worse. Grandma kicked her out and we cut every connection with her.

But even after that, she didn’t learn her lesson. She met Aron and fell for his looks. They started dating and for once I thought, my sister, was really in love and wants to start fresh. But I was wrong. May was using Aron to find flaws in celebrities and ministers because of his high approach and a very smart mind. You can say that Aron has planned every cover that Mayra pulled as a journalist while she took all the credits. But Aron never minded that, he was a lovesick puppy.

And you must be thinking how do I know all this, then let me tell you one more secret. I used to talk to her, secretly of course. I couldn’t lose her after all she and grandma were the only ones I had. And now, she’s gone too.”

Bentley’s voice breaks at the last part and Claire’s sits frozen with all the information processing in her mind. Bentley’s head hung low and tears fall down his cheeks. Claire reaches out and pats his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

Bentley wipes his cheeks and shakes his head. “No, you don’t have to. She called for her demise. Her actions had made it very clear a long time ago that her end wasn’t going to be well.”

Claire looks at the teenager beside her and feels a knot in her stomach. She never had a sibling or a family, so she doesn’t know the pain but she has sympathy for him. “Hey, don’t cry. I never had a family. I’m an orphan so, if you ever want to talk to someone, you can call me. I would love to have a younger sibling. Here, take this card.”

“T-thank you.” He smiles weakly at her and calms down. He straightens his back but continues to stare at his lap.

“Don’t worry,” Claire reassures him and picks out her cellphone. She opens the gallery and selects a picture that now covers the whole screen. It is the same picture that Claire found some time ago in Mayra’s secret drawer. Now that she knows that the people in ‘MY FAMILY’ frame are Mayra’s family, she wants to know who this man is whom Mayra was supposedly dating. James had told her about him too but his information is way too off the beat. And if it’s true, she wants it to be confirmed by Bentley.

She taps Bentley’s shoulder and he looks at her. She hands him her phone and asks,” Do you know who is this man?”

Bentley looks at the phone’s screen and his eyes widen with recognition. “Yeah! He’s the boy who committed suicide for Mayra. The famous actor Keil Hamilton.”


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