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Aron looks proudly at himself in the mirror. He stares into it to appreciate the heavenly reflection of a tall handsome boy with jet black hair and green eyes. Despite the failure in the Hollywood, he is vainly proud of himself. It isn’t that he was fired for his beauty or complexion, but just his short temper led to the disaster. Five years have passed since that event, but nothing has changed in Aron’s life, not his model like sculpture neither his Hades like temper.

Aron smiles lightly at his reflection last time before going to grab his black suit to put on the white shirt. He then takes a box lying on his bed and opens it gently, like his heart is kept in it. The box opens revealing a silver ring with diamonds studded on it to form a microphone with a small camera attached to it to a side. It is his gift of love for his love. He had ordered it three months ago and has quarrelled with the jeweller several times for its perfection. He wants everything perfect in his life and for his girlfriend he wants everything to be like a fairytale. The microphone on the ring signifies her profession of journalism and the camera signifies him of a photographer. Both their identities merged to be one.

Aron continues to stare that ring until the alarm starts ringing. He quickly closes the box and shoves it into his pant’s pocket. He takes his phone and the wallet and put them too in his pocket. Finally he takes keys of his car and leaves after locking his house.

The stars are shining brightly, prompting him to make the move. He drives swiftly under the shadow of moonlight imagining his future with his girlfriend, Mayra. He imagines her moving down the aisle with their daughter in her arms and this ring in her divine fingers. He then starts to imagine her on their wedding in a white dress.

Aron keeps on dreaming when he finally realises that he has reached his destination where his destiny will gift him the most beautiful gift of his life. His car stops in front of a skyscraper which is illuminated for a special event. He enters inside the main hall after checking out from the security. The hall is decorated with ribbons, balloons and flowers. A slow song hums in the background when the host finally climbs up the stage. She greets everyone hailing the award show. The program continues and many awards are given away to the recipients. Finally the anchor says, “The award for the best journalist of the year goes to, none other than, Mayra West!” Aron cheers up, whistling at her name. He hasn’t seen her till now but he knows that she must be looking as heavenly as usual.

Then, a girl emerges out from the crowd and makes her way to the stage. She is wearing a silver full length dress and her blonde hair is tied to a bun with a flower tiara tilting to a side. Her brown eyes search the crowd and finally rest at someone. Aron feels her eyes on him and blushes. “My girl.”

Mayra takes a deep breath before starting, “Thank you everyone for making my journey a success. I would like to dedicate this award to my parents who are so generous and cooperative. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to mention someone who reformed my life. I would like to thank my love, my life, my boyfriend, Chase Williams.”

“Chase Williams?” Aron yells out of shock. The crowd turns to see him and Aron runs to the stage. He gets near Mayra, tears welling up in his eyes. “May, who is Chase? You love me right? May?” Aron clutches Mayra’s hand and continues, “I am your boyfriend! YOU ARE MINE.”

Mayra looks at the crowd that bursts into murmurs. She then whispers to Aron not to create a scene. Aron refuses and again shouts. ” No! You love me. Say you love me!”

Mayra jerks her hand away and finally gives in her anger that she was trying to contain. “Just stop it Aron! Don’t you understand that I DONT’T LOVE YOU. Aron Brown you are a psycho! You don’t need love, you need medicines.” She then turns to security guards standing far way, “Guards! Take away this lunatic.”

Aron stands stiff. His whole body goes numb. His ability to think was lost in the deserts of despair. His whole life is shattered, his dreams turning into a mirage. The girl whom he loved unconditionally has cheated him, called him a psycho. Is he really a psycho? Does he really need mental care? But for what, for loving someone.

Another man gets on the stage whom Aron very easily recognises. Same devil eyes of blue. Chase Williams. He stands between Mayra and Aron, “Get away from my girlfriend.” Numb from the shock, Aron continues to stare Mayra. Then at last, the security guards come on the stage and drag Aron away.

When they reach near the gate, Aron jerks his hand away. He then turns to the stage, rage burning in his eyes. “I will get my revenge Mayra West.” And with that he leaves.

While driving home, many irrational thoughts like suicide and drugs wander in his mind so he changes his direction right before reaching his house and turns to the bridge. It is his usual rehab camp where he comes in the time of desperation. If there is a place where he wants to die, then it is this. He stands on the railing, supporting his each leg on it. He takes in the view of swift flowing river with calm surface tension without any hindrance. He smiles to himself, all his life zooming in an instant.

He closes his eyes, inviting the inevitable. But suddenly, as he raises his left leg, he feels a hand pulling him down. He opens his eyes expecting Mayra. But to his sad destiny, it isn’t her. A stranger with dark hair and bronze-like complexion has saved him. It is a girl wearing red dress and fancy gloves. But instead of showing gratitude, he clutches her arms. “Why have you saved me?”

The girl smiles shoving away his hands. “If I were you, then I would’ve killed her.”

Aron looks at the girl suspiciously not believing her a bit. The girl takes out something from her bag and puts it into his hands. It’s a knife. “Go and kill her. Show her you are not weak and after that you are free to die.”

Aron looks at the knife and then back at the girl. “Why are you doing this?”

She turns back, ready to leave. “My brother had committed suicide for a girl too and now when I saw you, I felt like helping because you might have a sister too who will break apart like I did. That’s why I am asking you to show the world the price of heartbreak and mistrust. Don’t be a prey, be the hunter.” And with that, she leaves.

Aron stands there thinking and staring at the knife she gave him. He decides to throw away the knife but then the image of Mayra comes into his mind. The way he loved her and the way she cheated on him. Something ignites in his heart, maybe vegeanance.

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