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Chapter 15

"In a death,
It’s not the dead that dies.
It’s the death of people who have to carry the dead in their hearts,
Till their last breath.”

Thousands of people die every day and thousands are born. But it is really very scary that how just one death, one moment, one murder and one truth can turn our lives upside down.

When Mayra was alive, she had never thought that she will be killed. And never in her life had she imagined that her death will be such a malicious hurricane that would swallow everyone who crossed her path.

Life is funny. It’s scary. When a child is born, he or she had no idea what dangers awaits in this scary world with hollow promises and death traps.

People are so scared of going to hell that they had turned themselves to be a Satan. So now, imagine. What is more dangerous? The ever exposed Hell with just one Satan or this beautiful earth with so many Satan in the disguise of a being called human?

Claire slowly opens her eyes to find herself in a bright room. She blinks to focus her vision and takes a deep breath to shake off the heaviness of her head. Her lips part to take shallow quick breaths when she looks at her surrounding.

She’s in a room filled with books and bookshelves along with a table in the middle. The flowers on it seem fresh and the strong smell of ink overlap every sensation. Claire lowers her head to contain the sob as she realises the familiarity of the room and the truth of the situation. It is Jo’s study room.

“Familiar much?” A voice booms and cuts the suffocating silence in the room. Claire snaps her head to the door and sees a dark-haired girl walking towards her.

Claire grits her teeth but says nothing. Then her eyes fall on the butterfly broach and she smiles feeling the hope that might have died after finding of Jo.

“What do you want?” Claire asks the girl with authority and the girl smirks.

“Don’t give me that attitude.” The girl spits and slaps Claire to which she starts laughing. “I pity you girl. How do you orphans find your way to the problems even when you aren’t called? You stepped in when everything was going alright and your boy gave that threat when we needed prey.”

“What do you mean?” Claire asks and tries to break the ropes tying her to the chair.

“I am Sylvia Hamilton. Does that name ring anything? Anything?!” Sylvia yells and clutches Claire’s hair to pull it.

“Keil’s sister? But you were in rehab?” Claire asks in disbelief.

“Yeah, I was. But now I am free.” She leaves Claire’s hair and sits on the table cross-legged. “In fact, I am out for two months now. I am the girl who gave Aron that knife. But sadly, that boy was a coward.

I was very upset. But mom had another plan. She’s very smart, you know. The detective who solved mysterious cases made her case so simple yet twisted. I thought she was crazy but went on with it.

After Aron left that night, Mom went into her room and stabbed her to death while I was waiting on my bike. Then mom came down and I drove away quickly, avoiding any scene.

Then the next morning, everything was going just as planned.”

Claire eyed the girl in front of her while thinking about the vague description she gave. She tilts her head and takes a deep breath processing her words. The puzzles seem to fit in but there’s something big missing.

Slowly and very carefully, she chooses her words. “Okay, so that’s it?”

“That’s it? That’s it!” Sylvia yells and gets up. Her eyes burn with rage when she makes her way to Claire. Claire holds her breath in anticipation of something bad and just when Sylvia holds her neck, the door swings open.

“Mom?” Sylvia speaks confused when Josephine comes into the room with a bored expression. Claire watches her with wide eyes when Jo passes her a smirk.

“Leave her.” She orders and Sylvia leaves Claire’s side after passing her a glare.

“You knew Mayra, personally,” Claire speaks dawning in the reality and the confidence in her voice even shocks her.

“That’s why I love you,” Jo speaks happily and sits on the sofa. Intertwining her fingers, she continues, “You are a smart kid, unlike others who are short-tempered.” And sends Sylvia a warning glare to shut up when she’s speaking.

“Yes, I knew Mayra.” Jo begins and reclines on the sofa, “After finding out about Keil’s death, I was furious. I wanted revenge and for that, I had to go closer to Mayra.

I was waiting for the right time when one day Mayra approached me for a case. That was my cue. Not only did I help her but also gave her some valuable advice. She was ecstatic. She thought she caught a big fish but sadly, she was the one in the net, not me.”

Claire raises her eyebrows, processing everything. Looking at Jo and while carefully studying her, she adds the last piece to the puzzle. “And when Aron gave that threat, you thought it would be a great idea to blame him for this. No one will ever suspect you.

That night, you went to Mayra’s house and killed her so smoothly because you knew exactly how everything works.”

“Bingo!” Jo exclaims and gets up. She turns around and speaks, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a funeral to attend.”

“Aron isn’t dead,” Claire speaks through gritted teeth.

“Not now but he will be soon. Do you think he likes daisies? They will look good on his stone.” Jo speaks excitedly like a kid talking about her Christmas present.

Claire growls but before she could do anything, Sylvia closes the door, exiting the room after Jo.

“Free me!” Claire yells but her voice fades away in the darkness.


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