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Chapter 16 (Part 2)

Claire rushes in the room with wild red hair but more fierce eyes. She eyes Musk and yells, “STOP!”

Musk is taken aback and he knits his eyebrows in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

Claire looks at Aron who has now thrown away the black cloth covering his face. “The jury is reconsidering their verdict.”

Aron walks beside Claire in the hallway but dares not speak to her. She hasn’t talked to either. Her posture is straight and he eyes challenge everyone. Musk is still confused and he is walking behind them in silence. He too can feel the anger and power radiating off Claire.

Claire pushes the large wooden doors open and steps inside. Aron follows her and sees everyone there. Chase and Bentley are near the jury discussing something. Mr and Mrs Hamilton and Bentley’s grandma are standing at the corner with Sherly who is narrating the whole WHO KILLED MAYRA? story to them. While Jo is clutching Sylvia’s hand to restrain her from doing something.

The jury sits and the trial begins.

“The jury is here to reconsider its verdict in light of the new evidence found.”

The first witness was called and Bentley stepped forward.

“My lord, Mayra West wasn’t so innocent. She was a manipulative girl who used people for her profit. She was the reason behind Keil Hamilton’s suicide and this is why Keil’s biological mother and sister killed her.”

Sylvia jumps up at her name and yells, “How can you say that?! You-” and curses with all she had learnt in the rehab.

The second witness is called and Mr Hamilton steps forward.

“My lord, it is true that my son committed suicide because of Mayra and I agree with the statement that my former wife and daughter have killed Mayra. Josephine Root could be a great detective but she was a very bad mother. She used to beat my children to death and that is why we separated. But even after divorce, she used to fill my children against my new wife who was very sweet to them. Keil was upset because of Josephine too so you can’t just blame Mayra.”

The third witness is called and Mrs Hamilton steps forward.

“My lord, whatever my husband has said is true. Josephine Root is mentally unstable. She used to come to my house when my husband was in the office and threatened me and my children. Sylvia was always off hand. She resembled Jo and became a drug addict even before Keil died. Everything was dysfunctional and Keil somehow took the blame upon himself because he was the one to tell Mr Hamilton about Jo’s behaviour. He thought he is the reason why Jo is not letting everyone live in peace. So he…uh…committed suicide. Then Sylvia’s drug addiction increased and she became too dangerous for us. She put up a fight in a club and was arrested after that, she went to rehab. And even after all this, Jo came to our house and threatened to kill us and Mayra for doing all this to her children. ”

And then she broke out crying and Bentley and Mr Hamilton rushed to calm her down.

The fourth witness is called and Sherly steps forward.

“My lord, It is true that I was jealous of Mayra and wanted to kill her. She had a relationship with my boyfriend and somehow she knew that I and Chase are fiancé. I wanted to keep this a secret and that’s why Chase was forced to pretend with Mayra. She was using Chase and I wanted to talk him out of it. She hated me and never left any opportunity to humiliate me. So when Aron gave that threat that night to kill her, I saw my chance. Chase came to me that night because he was suspicious. But I gave him sleeping pills and went to Mayra’s apartment. But when I reached there, Mayra was already dead. I saw blood and I got scared. So I ran away. ”

The fifth witness is called and Chase steps forward.

“My lord, I was the one who asked Aron to take the blame. When I saw Sherly returning in the morning with a knife and the scared look, I thought she had killed Mayra. But it wasn’t her. It was Josephine Root. When Officer Green wasn’t responding to my calls, I went to check on her and I found her tied to a chair in Jo’s apartment.”

In the end, the sixth witness is called and Claire steps forward.

“My lord, it is true that I was held captive by Jo and Chase freed me this morning. I won’t say much because I have this memory card that stores everything the camera of my brooch has captured.”

And then, the memory card is inserted in the projector and the video starts….

It shows everything since Aron took the blame and how she met Mr And Mrs Hamilton, Mayra’s family and then Jo and Sylvia accepting their crime.

Sylvia stares at the screen and growls. Before Jo can understand what’s happening, Sylvia has taken Musk’s gun. She points it at everyone. “Don’t move! I’ll kill everyone. You can’t arrest me! Mayra killed my brother and mom took revenge. I did nothing. I only gave that knife to Aron to kill Mayra. I did nothing!”

Jo puts a hand on her shoulder and Sylvia turns to look at her. “You! You did this. You did everything. Now you are the reason they will take me to prison. I won’t go there! You ……you….I’ll kill you! ”

Jo’s eye goes wide and before anyone can do anything. The trigger has been pulled and a shot was heard. Jo falls on the floor and lies in the pool of her own blood.

Sylvia smiles and laughs. “I killed her!” and then she turns to look at Mr Hamilton, “I killed your wife.”

“Sylvia Hamilton put the gun down!” Claire takes out her gun and soon all the police officers in the room have their gun pointed at her.

Sylvia looked all around her and tilted her head. “She killed Mayra!”

She makes a puppy face and looks innocently at Aron. Then she puts a gun against her forehead and bang! She shoots herself.

The head jury stands up and sighs.
“Considering all the evidence and witnesses, we declare Aron Brown free from the charge of Mayra West’s murder.”


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