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“Even if you are a broken toy, then you must allow someone to be your glue and fix you up. Who knows, you might even end up better?”

Aron tucks his hands in his jean’s pocket and looks at waves meeting the shore. They seem mischievous and tickle his feet when a smile makes its way to his lips. The calm surface of the ocean pretends to have the tranquillity of a sage while hiding the inner turbulence that raises as a tsunami.

“Aron?” Claire puts a hand on his shoulder and stands beside him. She looks at him and smiles at the memory when she had a crush on him in college.

“Are you okay?” she asks concerned.

Aron tears his gaze away from the orange sun disappearing in the horizon. He smiles at Claire and points to the sun. “What do you think the sun is doing?”

Claire kneads her eyebrows and speaks, “It is setting.”

Aron shakes his head with amusement and turns to face Claire. He looks straight into her green eyes and smiles. “No, it is taking a rest so that it can shine tomorrow and rob everyone of their darkness.”

“Wow….” Claire whispers and remembers how she used to do the same in the orphanage. She used to show everyone the brighter side of everything.

Aron steps closer and continues, “And you Claire, you are that sun. I know you want to help the world, rob the people of their sadness and gift them hope. But it’s okay to feel broken sometimes. It is okay to need support. It doesn’t mean you aren’t strong but even the strongest things break. Hell! You are the strongest woman I have ever met and I want to be there every time you need someone.”

Claire looks at Aron dumbstruck. Her heart beats wildly and she feels like it will jump out of her chest anytime. Taking long deep breaths, she steps back. “I…I….”

“You don’t need to say anything now,” Aron tells her and turns again to look at the horizon where the sun is already set but still its light is there.

The orange light on the canvas of sky and water, merging them, telling them that they could be different in a thousand ways, they could be separate for a thousand miles, but there is something which connects them. Their passion to feed survival.

Claire looks at Aron and tears start building up in her eyes. And soon, here eyes become a waterfall. Aron looks at her with wide eyes and remains frozen. Claire bites her lips to control herself from sobbing but fails and a sob escapes her lips. She turns back to retreat to her car but a hand pulls her in a warm embrace.

“Hey! Let it go….”Aron whispers in her ears, “You can cry. It’s not wrong to feel vulnerable. ”

They stand like that for what seemed like hours. Then Claire looks up at his face and stutters, “And I thought you were depressed.….”

Aron smiles and tells her as their eyes lock, “I just promised myself that if I will get another opportunity at life, I am not going to waste it crying.”

“Great idea and I hope you’ll fulfil the promise.” Claire smiles and breaks the embrace.

Aron smiles too and turns to walk to the car. “I just realised that…..”

“What?” she asks following him with a smile.

“That even if you are a broken toy, then you must allow someone to be your glue and fix you up. Who knows, you might even end up better?”

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