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Chapter 1

Chase’s car reaches Mayra’s building at late night. “Thanks for the lift Chase and I am very sorry about all that happened in the party.” Mayra apologises about Aron’s behaviour. Chase takes her hand and says, “It’s okay sweetheart. There was nothing that you could have done to stop that mad man. But you behaved so bravely, I am proud of you.”

“Thanks. Good night.” Mayra bids him farewell and gets out of the car. With the award in her hand, she walks upto her room and keeps it on the table. Then after taking a look at the award, she goes to the bathroom to change into her night dress. After some time, she returns and hops onto her bed, pulling over the blankets. “A long day it was.” She murmurs and drifts quickly into sleep her all day stress taking over her.


Aron wakes up happily in the morning. The morning sunshine hitting him with awakening and blessing him with relief. He stretches his muscles removing the blankets and yawns. A smile tucks at his lips when he remembers the events of last night. His memory plays rewind like a movie and he keeps his eyes close for a moment longer.

The car ran fast on the road under the cover of black sky. Suddenly all stars seemed to vanish in void and the moon appeared to lose its shine.

“An eclipse in the sky and my life too.” Aron commented and chuckled. His chuckle was dry and had no hint of amusement. With painful memories and macabre vegeanance, Aron drived towards Mayra’s house.

His car pulled into the parking lot and he came out with the knife hidden in his coat. Never in life he had felt so angry and unreasonable that he was feeling then. He knew he was doing wrong, he knew he will end up regretting. But still, he had no desire to stop. He was feeling like a murderer but that did not stop him from executing the wildness of his anger.

He had been to her house zillion times but this time he felt something else. He didn’t had any gift nor he had any loving surprise for her. But indeed he had a surprise.

Aron walked to her apartment and took out the spare key which Mayra never knew he had. “It took so much to plan surprises for you and now this key will witness the last one too.” Aron smirked dryly and entered inside.

Walking back into her room after what she had done was very frustrating for him. His eyes fell upon the award she received today and the tears started welling up in his eyes.

He remembered all the moments they shared and how he teased her for ‘poking’ her head into every dangerous case. She brought out the best news in the best way. She was the ‘headline’ girl who always got the breaking news of the day. “And now, tomorrow, she will be on the headlines again.” Aron whispered with bloodshot eyes.

His eyes carried rage and his chest supported a broken heart. With all his dreams crushed at once, Aron took out the knife to punish the bearer. “Mayra West, sleep, sleep till eternity and dream about your loving one. Whoever that might be.”

Just as he walked ahead, something fell out of his pocket. It reflected the moonlight coming from the window and obstructed his vision. Aron put a hand to shield his eyes and cursed the moon which suddenly came over its eclipse. Aron then tore his gaze away from Mayra and looked at the object which halted his action. It was the ring. The box had fell out of his pocket and opened to reveal the diamond which shined proudly in the dark room.

“Looks like,” He sighed and took a deep breath, “The eclipse had ended.” And with that he left after picking up the box.

Finally, Aron opens his eyes and gets out of the bed. He shakes his head wildly. Then his gaze falls upon the same box that saved his sanity last night. After exiting Mayra’s room, Aron directly came back to his house and cried his heart out. He was crying whole night and he had no idea when he fell asleep.

Even now in the suit that he wore last night, Aron feels better than ever. “Hey God! I never believed in you and even now I don’t. But whatever happened last night, you earned some more respect in my heart.”

Aron walks out in his living room and stretches his whole body, yawning. Then he sees the white sheet of paper on his floor, specked with black letters. He picks up the morning newspaper curious to see the morning ‘headline’, his habit getting best out of him.

“Let’s see what you have today.” He remarks and then reclines on the sofa. “Famous businessman and most eligible bachelor Chase Williams dating the famous journalist” He thinks and laughs.

But when he opens the newspaper and actually reads aloud the headline, the floor slips beneath his feet. “FAMOUS JORNALIST MAYRA WEST FOUND DEAD IN ROOM”

The colour leaves his face and he becomes pale. His eyes widen in shock and his heart felt tear apart, even after what she did. Yes, it was painful but he still loved her. He cannot forget two years in two hours. NO, he cannot do that. He tears the newspaper and yells at the top of his voice. “MAYRA!”

He falls numb on the floor but hears his front door opening. The police rush inside with many officers holding their guns out. A man in uniform steps ahead and pulls out shiny handcuffs. “Aron Brown, you are under arrest.”



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