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Chapter 2

“I am asking you for the last time,” the police officer cracks his knuckles and leans against the table, looking deep into Aron’s eyes he continues, “Why did you kill Mayra West?”

Aron grits his teeth and growls. “And I am saying it for the last time that I didn’t kill her.”

“Yes, you did!” The police man exclaims. He bangs his fist on the metallic table and walks to the chair where a white towel is kept. He wipes his hand, turning the towel red. The dim mercury lights flashing in the room twinkles and the vision causes Aron a headache. Mercury lights brought him memories of his past and his childhood which, he is not fond of.

“You killed her because she betrayed you. A heartbroken man and a psycho that you are, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out its you.” The police man chimes to which Aron rolls his eyes. He was tired of people misunderstanding him.

“Don’t pretend like you know everything.” Aron accuses the police officer and looks at his badge to add, “Officer Musk.”

At this, the police offer Musk gets irritated. Aron knows exactly how to get on someone’s nerves. “So tell me boy, what I don’t know.”

Aron tilts his head only to feel pain. He has been kept under interrogation for three hours now and this Officer Musk is very determined that he has found the right man.

“Officer, I am not denying that I didn’t go to her house but I swear to Hades, that I didn’t kill her. I loved her!” Aron tries to reason out.

Musk chuckles, “Man! And where was your love when you said you will get revenge?”

Aron lowers his gaze, feeling guilty. “It just came out in anger.”

“Poor boy!” Musk comments darkly, “Nice story. But it isn’t going to work here.” And then he raises his hand to slap Aron straight in his cheek. Aron winces and holds tears that fight to come out.

“Enough!” A voice comes from behind and Musk gets annoyed. He looks back and finds his senior standing there. She is young, a lot younger than him but still he has to follow her orders. “Huh!” He grunts and steps aside.

“Officer Musk, you can leave now.” The female officer orders him. He looks astonished and argues, “But ma’am, I am handling this case.”

She shakes her head at his ignorance and stubbornness. “And now I am handling it. Am I clear Musk?”

He nods and then leaves after sparing a look of disgust at Aron. Aron sits numbly on his chair, his hands tied at the back. He is oblivious of the presence of a new officer in his room. He mistakes her as Musk and starts whispering, “I loved her Officer. I can’t kill her. I know I was angry, I know she cheated me but I loved her. I love her truly.” And then tears start falling.

The female officer looks away feeling awkward. She pities at the sight of such a good man treated no better than an animal. “I never knew the great Aron Brown can even cry.”

Confused, Aron looks above and finds a very beautiful woman with red hair and green eyes in police uniform smiling at him. Her smile holds pity and that was the last thing he wanted.

“I haven’t killed her.” He states.

She smiles and sits on the table facing him. “I know you haven’t.”

More confused now, Aron raises his eyebrow. “Why do I feel like I know you?”

“You don’t know me. I know you. I am Claire Green. We were in the same college.”

Aron laughs and shakes his head. “Don’t tell me you are that nerd with huge glasses and thick books. I never imagined you would be here, I thought you were more like a doctor kind of girl who will sit and help people in her clinic.”

To that, Claire rolls her eyes. She smiles at his poor sense of humour. “So you remember me?”

Aron smiles sheepishly. “You remembered me too. And if you don’t mind, can you untie my hands? They are paining.”

“Oh! Sorry.” She smiles nervously and opens his hands. “I never imagined I will get to help the most popular boy in the college.” She shakes her head and continues, “We know you haven’t killed Mayra, but how are we going to prove that to others?”

Aron feels sad and grumpy. He rises from his chair and replies, “I don’t know how but I have to. I will punish the person who killed her. Mayra was innocent, she didn’t deserve to die!”

Suddenly Claire’s expressions change to a very serious one. She looks at the floor remembering the orders she was given that morning. “Do whatever you can, you have only seven days to prove your innocence.”

Aron looks at his distorted reflection in the metallic table and smiles sadly. He feels his life shattered and grief consuming him.

Only yesterday he was getting ready to woo Mayra and today he is accused of her murder. Life takes unpredictable turns and we are ruined in its whirlpool. Some get stronger in that while some lose hope. Aron chooses not be the latter but former one.

He looks at Claire, the girl who trusted him and saved his life. She didn’t accuse him once nor suspected him. She sees him as Mr. Perfect who would never do anything wrong.

He had come a long way struggling and he isn’t planning to give up now.

“Seven days are enough.”



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