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Chapter 3

Claire exits the interrogation room with Aron. On seeing them together and Aron without handcuffs, Musk snorted. “My my, Where are you going killer?” He taunts.

Aron rolls his eyes angrily and Claire turns to face a very ‘obedient’ colleague of hers. “Officer Musk, I believe you were told to leave?” She demands with a hint of ‘get lost’.

Aron gets surprised with the authority held in her voice. Musk growls but bows. “Yes ma’am, I was waiting if you would need my help interrogating the boy.”

Claire squares her shoulders and folds her hand on her chest. “Officer Musk, Are you saying that I’m incapable of doing my job?”

Musk shakes his head violently. He was afraid for the last thing he wanted to do was challenging Claire Green. “No, no ma’am. You are misunderstanding me.”

“Then make me understand and leave.” She speaks bluntly to which Musk nods. He bows to her and leaves after bidding her a salutation.

“Wow! I never thought a girl like you can do that.” Aron speaks amused.

Claire turns to face him and raises her brow. Aron raises his hands in mock surrender. “Officer, I am not challenging you. I am aghast that a sweet and bubbly girl can one day be such a powerful woman.”

She tilts her head unable to figure out if that was a compliment or a taunt. “Are you saying that girls can’t be here? In police?”

This time, Aron shakes his head. He looks at his shoes unable to form words. He then looks up and speaks with a smile, “No. I’m just proud of you. I mean, I- I am proud of girls that are trying to be independent. ”

“Hmm. Why, thank you.” Claire nods and then her phone starts ringing. She picks it up and starts talking to the person on the other side, looking very serious.

Aron takes this time to notice his surroundings. “In a police station, for interrogation.” He murmurs to himself with an amused smile and shakes his head. “Hope I don’t land in here again.”

Claire puts her phone back in her pocket. “I have got the permission to have your custody. I’ll be handling your case and you have to stay with me till we solve your case.”

“Ah! Okay.” What else could he say. He has no other option. They walk to her car and Claire gets in the driver’s seat. Aron’s shoulders are low and his face grim. Bruises cover his body like second skin. His once model like body looks prison fed.

If someone had told him yesterday that Mayra is going to cheat him, he would have beat up that man. But now, he is dealing with her death.

Life is unfair. But then, when it was fair for me? He thinks.

While driving, Claire’s green eyes are shining like emeralds. Aron notices the look of determination on her face. It suddenly occurred to him that they weren’t friends, then why she is helping him?

“Uh Claire? I know I’m being rude but why are you helping me?” He asks looking straight into her eyes.

Claire stops humming the song and turns to face Aron. “You don’t know but I always respected you. Girls saw you as a player, the most handsome boy, the soccer team captain and all the cliché stuff. But I saw you when helped people, respected all the girls who came to you and your chivalry. ”

“So you trust me for my chivalry?” Aron interrupts.

Claire laughs and shakes her head. “Yes and no. Besides the respect you earned in college, I know you from earlier.”

Aron scratches his head unable to figure out what she’s trying to say. “Uh...I don’t remember.”

Claire smiles, aware that he doesn’t want to remember. “We were in the same orphanage.”

Aron looks at her with unreadable expression. She continues without looking at him, “You were the most decent and humblest boy. You never stepped back when people called you to help, even when they didn’t share that feeling. And...I can’t explain more but yeah, I do trust you and I admire you because you are Mr. Perfectionist. You can’t do anything that is wrong or inappropriate. ”

Aron laughs awkwardly. He shifts in his seat uncomfortable at the mention of his old life and.....orphanage where he was abused.

Claire notices his change in mood and bites her lips. She must haven’t brought up that matter. “So what are we going to do now? Do you have any suspicions on who killed Mayra?”

Aron looks outside noticing the tiny drops fall on the hard surface of the road. The thunder outside resembled the thunder inside him. He always had that connection with nature. Nature always resembled his inner turmoil and it kind of relieved him. Well, it was the only thing he looked forward to.

“There are many things that can happen, any corrupted politician or businessman who was exposed by Mayra could do that. She was such an amazing journalist and sadly, she had many wolves thirsty for revenge. Even her colleagues didn’t like her.” Aron states.

“So you are saying it is a professional matter?” Claire asks.

“No. I suspect something more. Something personal.” He replies.

Claire raises her eyebrow confused at his faith. “So who do you think it is?”

“Chase Williams.”

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