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Chapter 4

“Home, sweet home.” Claire chimes opening the front door of her apartment. “I know it’s not as fancy as yours, but it’s very comfortable and neat.” She adds nervously. It is the first time anyone has paid her a visit.

Aron steps inside and notices the interior filled with books, boots and various guns. Seeing his attention fixed at the spot, Claire smirks. “Don’t worry I’ve got the license. ”

Aron chuckles genuinely for the first time in days. “I never thought that you were this type of girl. Silent killer, huh?”

Claire joins in and shakes her head amused. “Looks can be deceiving.” Hearing that, Aron suddenly remembers Mayra telling him the same statement when she went on a case to expose a corrupted and renown leader.

His shoulders get tensed up and he starts to grieve again. “Indeed they are.” He remarks sadly and falls on the couch nearby.

Claire notices that and quickly prepares a mental note to keep a check on her tongue. “Tough boy got a sensitive heart.” She murmurs and bites her lip.

“Why don’t you go freshen up while I prepare something for you? You must be hungry.” She suggests him. He nods and Claire gives him the directions.

Aron walks in the shower and spends more time there than he usually does. With every drop of water falling off his body, he feels his helplessness come back. The events of last two days replay in his mind and he gets panicked.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror, he takes in the reality. His eye has turned black, his lips look swollen, his beard has grown wild and his hair looks distorted. Musk has done a very good job.

He closes his eyes and the bits of Musk’s treatment replay in his mind.

Musk grabs a fistful of Aron’s jet black hair and spits at his face. His once shiny silky black hair was dulled with blood. The usual fragrance of cinnamon was captivated with metallic smell of red liquid oozing out of the wound in the head.

“Confess!” Musk yells at his face and kicks in his guts.

“I haven’t done anything. What do I confess officer?” Aron replies sharply, his anger taking the best out of him. He highly disregarded punishing the innocent and he even tried to save them but now, he is the victim.

Musk snorts. He lifts Aron’s chin with his two fingers and stares deep into his green eyes. “What do you say boy?”

“I-” Aron starts but gets cut off by a quick slap on his cheek. Musk holds his jaw sharply and traces his jawline. “Nice face lad.” Musk states and kicks his chair.

Aron falls on the ground with a loud thud and hits his head hard. Musk’s eyes shine with an unreadable expression and he starts kicking at Aron’s face blindly.

Aron opens his eyes quickly dreaded. His breathing is uneven and he clutches the edge of the counter. “What did I do to deserve this?” He whisper yells at his reflection while staring deep into his lifeless eyes.

“I loved you more than my life. I made your life better than any Disney Princess. I gifted you all the happiness of this world. I gave you everything a girl can dream of. But still, you cheated me. Why?! I want to know why Mayra, why?” And with that, he falls to the ground crying.

Claire stops humming when she notices Aron coming out in towel. She quickly lowers her eyes for it is the first time she was seeing things like that. When Aron said she was a decent, indeed she was a very decent girl. Surely, she had seen some guys during interrogation but that was completely other situation.

“Um...you don’t need to walk around like this. There’s a package on the couch. It has everything you might need. And don’t worry, I got one of my officers deliver these from your house. So-” Claire speaks while struggling to set the bowls in the tray.

Aron thanks her and leaves with the package to get dressed in the room Claire had mentioned as ‘guest-room’. Claire pouts after placing the tray on the dining tables and leaves to change her uniform.

After having lunch, Claire stares at Aron for any suspect. She trusted him but she had to make sure he wasn’t hiding something.

“So, What happened that night?” She asks straightforward. She notices Aron get tensed but soon his tension was replaced by regret and somewhat relief.

Aron stops playing with his spoon and smiles weakly. “You said you trusted me?”

“I do but to solve this case, I need to know what exactly happened that night.” She tries to reason out with him.

Aron nods and leaves the spoon. He closes his eyes and remembers the dark night that had cursed him. Then he starts narrating the whole incident to Claire, including how he met the girl who gave him knife.

“So you are saying you left that knife there?” She asks after sometime.

“Yes. But didn’t police got that knife?” He replies.

Claire gets up from her chair and looks at the table knife shining proudly. “Yes. We got it. But not as you are saying. Infact, we found it in her body. It was the same knife used to killed Mayra.”

Aron gets up from his seat too. Shocked, he stammers. “But how is that even possible?”

“It means only thing, the murder was pre-planned.”

Aron feels anger boiling his nerves. “Chase Williams I swear I’ll kill you.” He speaks through gritted teeth.

Claire takes a deep breath and smiles. “Chase’s interrogation will start in evening. But for now, we have to meet someone else, someone very special.”



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