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Chapter 6

“Enough!” Claire yells and bangs her fists on the table. Her eyes bulge out with anger and frustration while the hair hooked up in a braid falls down.

Chase winces at her and retreats in his chair. When he came to know that a female officer will investigate him, he was more than relieved. He is charismatic and with his manipulation skills, he was more than sure that he will be out of this enquiry very soon.

But now, things have turned out to be completely opposite. Claire is not ready to buy any excuses. She is firm and determined. But the worst thing is, she can’t be manipulated. After staying with her for couple of hours now, Chase has started wondering if she is really a girl.

“Mr. Williams?!” Claire shouts again and gets up from her seat. “Answer my questions straight.”

Chase makes an irritated face and glares at her. “Why aren’t you arresting Brown? He killed Mayra!”

Claire shakes her head and rolls her eyes everywhere but Chase. She knew it will be hard to straighten this dog’s tail but she’s not going to back out now. “Narrate what happened that day.”

Chase sighs and folds his hands on his chest. “Okay.”

Aron sits calmly in the control room watching the events happening in the interrogation room. His hair is shuffled randomly and dark circles cover his face. His skin has turned extremely pale and bones poke out of his skin.

“Ah!” He clutches his hair annoyed. These events have a very poignant effect on him. He garners all the moments he shared with Mayra and a rogue tear falls off his cheek.
“Why?” He murmurs mostly to himself.

He bows his head and tightens his fist. Sweat beads roll down his jawline and he tries his best to focus on Chase’s words.

“Where did you go after dropping Mayra?” Claire asks Chase once he completes narrating the events of the day Mayra was killed.

Chase looks around and bites his lips. “I went home.”

“Home?” Claire chuckles darkly, indicating that she knew about his white lie.

“Yes, you can even ask my butler.” Chase speaks nervously.

“Yeah,yeah!” Claire laughs and reclines on the chair. She cracks her knuckles and pouts.

“Trust me.” Chase pleads and tries to charm her by his puppy face.

“Excuse me?” Claire retorts sharply and leans against the table. Chase retracts in his seat at her wild actions.

“Okay, okay!” Chase accepts his defeat and bows to stare the floor. He bites his lips and his blonde hair falls cascading his sharp facial features.

Aron leans on his chair and stares Chase without blinking even once. He anticipates Chase’s confession and Claire lets out a deep breath of relief.

Josephine smiles evilly while sitting at the dark corner of the enquiry room. For the whole time, she remained silent, opting to be the observer. But now, it looks like it’s her turn to play the cards.

“Mr. Williams, confess.” Jo speaks in a voice full of authority.

“I-I went to Sherly’s house.” Chase stutters while scratching his neck. Seeing Jo raise her eyebrow, Chase continues. “Sherly is my love. She was the host of the party that night. After I dropped Mayra, she called me and we had a small argument.”

“Why?” Jo asks and raises from her seat to come under the illuminated area of the tubelight. Claire sees Jo standing and she also stands to let Jo take the seat of the enquirer.

Claire leans against the wall after moving to the dark side of the room. Dim light falls on her face and she cracks a witty smile towards the camera knowing that Aron is watching this.

“It’ll be over, soon.” She mouths to him and tears her gaze back to Chase whose face has been drained of all the vivacity left in his soul.

“Mayra.” Chase states void of any emotion and rolls his eyes. “Sherly was upset when Mayra announced me as her boyfriend in public. Sherly wanted to be the one to announce about us.”

“Ah! Love and revenge.” Jo speaks slowly aiming every word at Chase to feel pain. “These are the faces of the same coin. You love someone, you get betrayed and then take revenge. Nothing is new.”

“No! Sherly is not like that.” Chase rebels and gets up from his seat. “Look, I know I’m not reputated in this field but I know Sherly. She won’t do anything like this.”

Jo smirks and replies coolly, ” Love is blind.”

Chase gives out a defeated sigh and sits on the chair. Claire observes his features carefully before speaking, ” So you cheated Mayra?”

This question catches Chase off guard and shrugs like it was no big deal. “I am good looking, rich and famous. It’s not a big deal for people like me.”

Jo hums in response and tilts her head letting her blonde hair fall to a side. “So Mayra cheated Aron and you cheated her. Trust is a big issue nowadays.”

Aron jumps from his chair on hearing that. Anger rushed in his veins dominating blood and he speaks in an evil tranquillity. “How dare he treats girls like toys!”

He immediately leaves the control room and rushes to the enquiry room. Fortunately, Claire sees him through the glass window just before he enters the room. She exits the room silently and clutches Aron’s arm to pull him to a side.

“Where are you going Brown?” Claire scolds him with authority laced in her voice.

“Mayra is dead and he doesn’t even care!” Aron argues, pleading with his eyes.

Claire’s stare on Aron intensifies and she pulls him closer. She faces him eye to eye and speaks harshly, “Because he doesn’t love her!”

“How could he-” Aron starts speaking again but gets cut by Claire. Her gaze turns cold and demands no objection. “Don’t leave control room till I come.” She orders him.

Aron walks back to the control room like a defeated bull. His anger gets intensified by every look of Chase but he is forced to obey Claire. So, he can’t beat that player even if his soul wants the same.

Claire walks inside the room and sees Jo tapping her fingers on the table anticipating answers from Chase.

“I didn’t kill her. But I wish I did.” Chase speaks out of the blue.



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