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Chapter 7

"What do you mean?" Claire speaks astonished at Chase's confession. A moment ago, he was being a spoilt brat and now he's being cooperative by confessing.

Something is odd. Claire senses it and narrows her eyes at him. Chase seems unaffected by the death glares he is receiving. He is more focused on Jo than any other thing.

"I wish I had killed Mayra." Chase begins his narration when Jo's eyes sparkle with some unknown force. Her old and wrinkled face gleams with out stunning vivacity and the humdrum clues of the case start to fade away.

Jo's heart beat remain dangerously calm and her expression failed to give away her inner tsunami. But for Chase, the same couldn't be said. He is looking intimidated by her presence, aware of the reputation she holds.

Sweat beads roll off his face and his wet hair stinks in the atmosphere. His so called expensive shampoo and deodorants failed to do their work.

With stuttering, he continues.

"Sherly was upset with Mayra. She was insecure for Mayra was way better than her. While she was just an event organiser for rich parties, Mayra was the one to cover the limelight.

With time, her insecurities grew and our loving relationship was converted into argumentative sessions. I tried to reason out with her but she wasn't ready to understand anything.

She was ready to kill her and when Aron threatened Mayra in the party, she saw her opportunity."

"And then she killed Mayra, using the opportunity." Jo finishes for him. Chase suddenly looks up at Jo and shakes his head.

"No!" He yells with plead evident in his voice. But Jo ignores him and turns back to ask Claire to call Sherly.

"Call her for investigation. Looks like we solved this case, much before we anticipated." Jo smirks.

Claire grins at the poor stature of Chase and pokes his wound. "Yes, we have solved this out. I even found Sherly's fingerprints at the crime scene and with his confession, there's no denying to the truth and there's no curtain to the killer."

"Sherly isn't the killer for God's sake!" Chase yells out of frustration.

"You dropped Mayra home just to make sure Sherly didn't kill her and then you went straight to Sherly's home to check on your safety plans.

But Sherly was smarter. She gave you sleeping pills and ran away. She killed Mayra and reached home in the morning, way before you woke up." Claire announces her thesis to which Jo nods in appreciation.

"Look, it isn't the truth. Sherly can't do it." Chase tries to reason out, mostly with himself.

"But this is what she did." Jo speaks with false pity.

"Issue an arrest warrant against Sherly D'souze." Jo orders Claire to which she nods and turns to leave the room.

"No! Wait, please. I'll give you as much money as you want. Just leave her, please." Chase pleads.

"Claire Green, I have told you to do something!" Jo shouts in bold voice. Claire spares a glance at Chase who looks like a lost puppy.

Love does this to people. Claire thinks and shakes her head to banish pity during her duty hours. She needs to focus on her work, not others' feelings.

Chase feels his beat stop. Scared of losing Sherly, he looks around for help. When his eyes fall on Jo, he feels his heart constrict. She is a totally ruthless and senseless woman. Can't she understand what Chase is feeling right now?

For her, Chase carries nothing but hatred. "You have brought your demise." Chase warns Josephine who smirks and waves her hand.

"You girlfriend has killed Mayra out of revenge. I don't see any twist in that." Jo speaks in a monotone.

"No! She hasn't." He bangs his fist and stands to which Jo raises her brow. Seeing her unaffected, he sits back and bites his lip. He stretches his hand in front of him and waves at Jo. "Look. We can figure this out."

With desperate prominent in his voice, he continues, "I accept that Sherly has killed Mayra. But we can always clear this with money. Mayra is dead and locking up Sherly won't bring her back. I will give you whatever sum you wish. Just say and your bank account is already flooded."

"This seems great Mr. Williams but I'm afraid I can't this offer. I have something more important at stake than money." Jo refuses softly ending all hopes of Chase of saving Sherly.

"I have my daughter on stake. It's for my son." Jo whispers mostly to herself but Chase catches her.

"Seeing Brown as your son and Claire as daughter won't bring your real ones back!" Chase shots sharply aiming at the bull's eye.

Jo's head sharply turn to Chase who was now smirking. It is the first he is smirking since he came to the police station. That smug smile on his beaten face is irritating Jo who is now trying hard to compose herself.

"How dare you talk about my children!" Jo snarls. Chase's smirk grows wider knowing that he hit the right spot.

Chase continues his tactic refusing to bear the pain alone. If he is suffering, others must suffer too.

"Well, who doesn't know about them? It was quite a news. The famous detective's children were vanished in a night. Her son has very pathetically -"

"Enough!" Jo snaps at Chase and leaves the room knowing that I'd she will stay, that boy will find ways to torture her. He has hit the right spot, digging the long buried pain.

Seeing Claire and Jo both out of the enquiry room, Aron seeks this opportunity to abandon the control room. He enters the enquiry room and bangs the door behind him. He launches himself onto Chase and starts punching his face.

With his collar in his grip, Aron continues to inflict blow one upon another till Chase's nose starts bleeding.

"How dare you cheat Mayra!" Aron shouts at him and continues his treatment with the string of curses.

"Beat me as much as you want. But please, hear me out." Chase pleads. "Mayra is dead. Punishing Sherly won't bring her back. You have lost your love. You know the pain. You can understand why I tried saving Sherly."

"Aron, I'm saying this to a heartbroken man as a heartbroken man, will you save Sherly? You are a good man. You won't let her get punished for just acting on her impulse,will you? I swear she hasn't done it intentionally."

"Take the blame. You have nothing to lose. Even if you die, there's no one who will cry for you. But Sherly, she has a family and a lover, a TRUE lover. They can't bear the pain of losing her." Chase suggests.

Aron listens to him silently. His broken condition intensifying the pain of Sherly in his mind. He stares at Chase and considers his words. He is right. Aron is nothing to lose. Even if he dies, nothing will change. No one will be affected. But Sherly has so many people to cry for her at her funeral.

With the intense pain and memories of shattered hopes, he has nothing to live for. Now he even has the bad name.

"I will take the blame." Aron states void of expression to reflect his inner inferno of emotions.



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