The Darkness Behind the Face

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Detective Melissa Vega, new to Chicago PD's homicide department, didn't think much could turn her stomach, until she and her partner, Head Detective Jonah Marks, come across the dead body of a woman whose face has been cut clean off. Marks wants to believe that a twisted ex-boyfriend is responsible, but then another body with the same MO drops. Still, the head detective tries to ignore the conclusion his younger partner jumps to: a serial killer. But when the severed and preserved face of the first victim turns up framed in a museum, the chief of the CPD rules the crimes the work of a serial killer and brings in consultant Jack Archer, an expert in criminal psychology and serial offenders. Archer is one of the reasons Marks dislikes serial killer cases, in addition to the long hours and multiple victims. But Archer isn't the average consultant. His expertise comes from a personal diagnosis of psychopathy, which Vega learns when she and Marks pick him up from the mental hospital he's been living in since he was eight. Now Vega must decide if she can trust the off-putting Archer, especially after he develops an interest in her. Will this team be able to catch the Face Stealer? Or will Detective Vega fall prey to another criminal psychopath, one who may literally stick a knife in her back?

Mystery / Thriller
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He stalked toward her slowly, as if he enjoyed drawing out her fear and suffering. Which, of course, he did. She pulled against the chains that bound her to the cold, metal table, but it was no use. Those chains had withstood several struggles, several bids for freedom, all with equally fruitless results. This time was no different. The closer he drew, the more frenzied she became. The tape over her mouth muffled her screams. He almost removed the tape so he could hear an uninterrupted shriek, just one, before she was forever silent. But he resisted. Her cries would only draw attention that he didn’t want. Yet.

When he reached her side, she leaned as far away from him as the restraints would allow. It wasn’t far enough. She still strained and struggled, but her movements were becoming slower, feeble. She was getting tired. He smiled. It was almost time. He brandished his favorite knife, the one with the cleanest cut. She let out one more good, albeit useless, scream. His grin widened. Now for the fun. He held her head down with one of his own large hands so her thrashing didn’t cause him to make a mistake. She was perfect and he would hate to waste that perfection because of a misplaced cut.

He went to work and her panic, at first renewed with pain and a desperate wave of self-preservation, eventually dimmed until she moved no longer. He checked her pulse. Surprisingly, she was still alive, but in shock. The fluttering in her neck was weak. It wouldn’t last long. Neither would she.

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