A Crimes Not A Crime Unless You Get Caught

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Gracelyn and Josh’s love story comes to a dead end when they get stuck in the middle of a crime.

Mystery / Romance
Love and hope
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Chapter 1

“BABE!” It was a frigid December morning when Josh and his girlfriend Gracelyn, the world’s most wanted criminals, put their plan to rob the Sunrise Bank into action. Gracelyn was always ready to fight and never went anywhere without her gun, Josh on the other hand rarely fought and had never used a gun in his life. This made them the perfect couple because Josh would stop Gracelyn when she got out hand or went to far with torturing one of their victims. Gracelyn would always have Josh’s back whenever they went into the range of fire but Josh also made sure Gracelyn kept her eye out for any close by snipers, which she did anyway. Today though was going to play out differently for both the victims and the suspects in a way that would change history for better or worse.

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