The Flame

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Aria’s friends have been mysteriously dying every week. All of a sudden, Aria gets mysterious texts when someone dies, giving some kind of hint. Aira finds out everything about her friends that she never knew. Will Aria save her friends or will she lose herself in the process? Aria learns that, even the devil was once an angel.

Mystery / Drama
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1

Rushing to get ready, since I slept through my alarm. School starts in less than ten minutes and I’m still getting ready. Thank god I only live three minutes away.

“Aria, you in there?” Cora asks. Cora is my older sister, I also have a brother, but we’ll get to that later. She’s been there for me everytime I needed her.

“Yeah, I’m almost done.” I say. I was wearing a nirvana shirt with black ripped jeans with chains, along with combat boots. I went to my class, pretty boring as always. After a few hours of classes, it was time for lunch, which is where all my friends and I will gossip, since we can’t day drink.

“Hey Aria, are you gonna eat?” Cora asks. “No, Im not that hungry.” I answered. “Well, hello ladies.” Inigo says sitting next to Cora. “Well, you look exhausted.” Maddox says sitting next to me. “Yeah. Today wasn’t ‘all that’.” I say. “You guys are actually here before all of us!” Zeke announces. We have a full table since our friend group is huge. “ARIA! I thought you’ll stay in bed all day from last night.” Atlas yells across the whole cafeteria. “Yeah Just let the whole entire school know!” I yell back.

I turn away to see if I can see the girls before I die form the boys and I see Clemens. Clemens Jones is probably one of the creepiest guys in this school. “Hey, are you okay?” Zeke asks petting my shoulder. Zeke is my older brother. He’s a party animaland also a goof ball, he’s also the most popular guy in school.“I’m.. yeah Im find.” I say turning back to my friends.

“Atlas have you seen Astrid anywhere?” I ask. “Actually now you mention, I haven’t seen her since we left moms house. I’m sure she’s at Destina’s house.” Atlas says. “Have you guys, seen what Clemens writes during the lessons?” Devika asks. “No, i try to be far away from him as possible.” Inigo says loudly hoping he hears. “Shh. Haha.” Davina turns toward Inigo.

As you can probably tell, we’re the popular kids in the school. Yes some of the popular kids are mean, but the others I’m good friends with. Devina is the mean girl in the whole squad. Cora is the only girl in the squad that’s not part of the mean girls, she part of the drama club. Which is pretty nice. The boys are the jocks which you could probably tell already. Atlas, Inigo, and Maddox are football, and Zeke, Diego, DeAndre, Juan, and the other boys are basketball.

“Hey, sorry Im late, i got detention for talking back at the teacher.” Kassandra announces sitting in front of me. “Oh, babe, that’s okay I’ll join you.” Karma says. “Aria, are you okay? You haven’t been talking recently.” Davina says. “Yeah..I’m fine I just have a massive hangover.” I announce, rubbing my head. “Oh, girl, I have Advil if you would like.” Davina says, as she goes in her Gucci bag to grab the bottle. “Oh yes! Thank you so much. You’re the best.” I yells taking to bottle and popping two pills, already feeling better.

I look over the room to see Clemens in the corner, staring, creepily. I got very uncomfortable.

“Hey, Clemens is staring, it’s making me feel uncomfortable.” I announce. “Okay. Davina, Karma, DeAndre, Zeke, Davika, Aria, and Deigo, would you like to join me into have Ming a friendly chat with Clemens?” Inigo says loudly making the whole cafeteria quiet. The most popular kids are walking toward the most socially awkward kid.

“Hey Clem, how are you?” Davika asks tapping her heel boots on the ground. “ stop?” Clemens asks, politely. “Oh, so this bothers you?” Zeke asks as he taps his white Air Force’s on the ground. Then everyone was doing it, including me. “Devinity Roland a.k.a Davina, born London England, May 20th 2003. Davika Roland, born Durham England, May 20th 2003. Ariel London, born Blackpool, England, July 20th 2003. Zeke London, born Blackpool, England, June 8th 2002.” Clemens says getting cut off by DeAndre. “Okay freak, thats enough.” DeAndre says while turning toward Davina. “DeAndre Valley, born Leeds, England...” Clemens gets cut off. DeAndre picks him up and pushes him up against the wall, chocking him. “You listen to me the first time, got it. Don’t come near us freak!” DeAndre yells, the whole cafeteria applauding us as we walk back toward our table. DeAndre has his arm wrapped around Davina’s waist, which I thought was cute.

“You okay, back there was creepy.” Zeke says giving me a hug. “Yeah.. it was just creepy.” I say. When we get back Karma tells what happened with Clemens.

“That’s fucked.” Atlas says. “Yeah, The only people who know when all your birthdays are is us.” Apollo says. “I’m just saying, I’ll fuck him up when it comes to the girls.” Marcellus announces. “It was freaky, he knew all of our birthdays.” I announce confusingly. “It’s okay now, he won’t dare to even be near us.” Deigo says assuring me.

Yes, I’m in the popular group, where they can be mean to people, but they’re actually good friends for me at least. After lunch us girls skip half of class and go to the bathroom to finish gossiping.

“Hey, girly you have to leave, now.” Davika says to the girl by the sink. “Good she left. Anyways I have down news. On Saturday, Juan has a huge party at his house, are you girls in?” Davika asks while applying more lipstick. “I can’t guys, I’m going to Deigo’s house on Saturday.” Cora announces fixing up her hair. “Ohhhh, she’s gonna get it!” I yells making the rest of us laugh. “No, it’s not like that.” Cora says, trying not to laugh. “Ugh..whatever.” Cora gives up. “I always wanted to be an auntie.” Davina annouces, making all of us laugh. “Aria,You coming?” Davika asks. “Yeah, I guess.” I surrender.

After school, we have cheerleading practice, while the guys have football and basketball practice. Practice was a lot of fun like always. “Hey little cheerleader.” DeAndre says while picking Davina up over his shoulder. “Hey, Clemens is still in the building.” Deigo says walking toward us. Basically we all have our own bleacher’s so when practice is over we’ll gossip there and then go home.

“Really he needs to like...leave.” Karma says taking a bite out of her sandwich. “Speaking If Clemens look at who’s staring at us.” I announce, making everyone look at the building. “I wonder why he’s still here.” Zeke says while spinning his basketball on his finger. “He probably lives there.” Davina yells making sure he can hear her. “Alright, I’m going home, you guys, text when you get home, come on Aria.” Zeke says while unlocking his blue model x Tesla. Basically everyone in our group has a Tesla.

“You okay, you’re very quiet Aria.” Zeke says. “Yeah, I’m just tired. Had a long day today.” I say. “Okay, you know you can talk to me, right?” Zeke asks. “I know.”

Just about a few weeks ago, my mother passed away from cancer. It was hard on every one, mostly me. When she passed, all my friends basically lived with Zeke, Cora, and I for weeks, which I thought was very nice. Everyone was trying to make me feel comfortable, and make me laugh, which I am but, I still miss her. Zeke pulls into the driveway and charges his car.

“Do you want to watch Netflix and eat ice cream?” Zeke asks as he grabs his Gucci backpack from the car. “Of course I do!” I yell grabbing my Chanel flap bag from the car as well.

“Alright, Aria get your pj’s on and I’ll grab the ice cream!” Zeke says while running toward the freezer.

About a few hours passed by and it was time for bed. I was tired and I have a long day tomorrow. Tomorrow is our home game for the basketball team, which Zeke cannot shut up about. I have to get my cheer uniform ready, since Zeke will be rushing me to get ready.

“I’m going to bed.” I say getting up from the couch. “Alright, I should be going to, I love you.” Zeke says cleaning up the ice cream. “Love you too.” I say going up to my room.

“Aria, wake up. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for!” Zeke yells pulling the blankets off of my bed. “Hey, it’s cold.” I say in a low whisper. I looked up and he’s in his basketball uniform. “Alright, I’ll get ready.” I say, getting up from the bed. “I’ll be waiting for you downstairs!” Zeke yells running down.

When we got to school it was packed with the cheerleaders and basketball players. I spot Davina and the others in the gymnasium, so I went toward them.

After the game, basketball players and cheerleaders have a pizza party, which was nice.

“You crushed them out there Zeke!” Davika says giving him a high five. “I know, their team suck, we won by thirty!” Zeke yells. “There’s my best player on the team. Congratulations Zeke!” The basketball coach says sitting next to him, them two talking.

After the pizza party, the day and the week went by very fast and next thing I know, the party was in a few hours. I was wearing this black lace up dress, along with black lace up the leg heels. When I was finished with my hair and makeup, Davina was waiting for me in her white Tesla.

“Oh, my girl be looking like a snack tonight!” Davina yells out. “You look amazing as well Davina!” I say. When we got to the party it was awesome. There were disco lights, drink, food, everything. Juan does throw the best parties.

“Look at these lovely ladies! You guys look awesome!” Inigo says giving both Davina and I a hug. “Let me get you girls some drinks.” Inigo says going to the indoor bar. “I got Davina her favorite, champagne, and Aria, vodka with a taste of lemon.” He says giving us the drinks. “Thanks.” I say accepting the drink.

About three hours pass, and barely any of my friends are drunk yet.

“Ahh!” A scream rom the third floor echos through out the house. “What was that?” I ask Juan. “I have no idea.” Juan answers. We walk up the stairs a saw a sight that cannot be unseen. A lifeless body, laying in the middle of the long hallway, waiting to be found.

“ she...dead?” I ask. “Y...yes..” Juan says feeling her arm to see if she’s breathing. Zeke runs over toward me, turning me into his chest away from the corpse. “We gonna go okay.” Zeke says in my ear. We left the house and went into his car. All of a sudden I get a text from an unknown number.

Don’t cross me, that was only a warning.’

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