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Looking deep into it, men and women are always fighting for dominence. One gender tries to make the other abide by them and the other is always trying to prove their worth. In this story you will read about a man who transcends in gender, understanding and manioulating his victims into submission... submission in all aspects HerBrand

Mystery / Thriller
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If your expecting me to start with the ” it all started when......” bullshit, you’re wrong.
It didn’t start one day...it wasn’t something that I saw or experienced or even felt that changed me.... no....

I think in all my lives, I was this... Angry!!!!!

I lied... it all started in my father’s house. My mother divorced, dad went into a depression, and we all fell 3 feet under. . .

Yes, I’m dead... Or I should say, we are dead.... my little sister Jammy, my little brother Dave, and I Ken.
Murdered by our own father Michael or the way the French say it mi-ka-el. Born of a French family, his father Luke and his mother Jeanette were both from France, he then married an African American woman, my mother Stella. Her mother Awa from Ivory coast and her father Marc from...... to be honest she didn’t talk much about her father, why? I don’t know and I particularly didn’t care since my father was rich, and we didn’t need help from anybody.

Mom and dad met at a cafe in Eugene Oregon as they were both attending the university of Oregon, UO as they call it.
The same university I ended going as well, where I met my friends.... my only friends. John, James, Jason, Smith, Seth, Calvin, Curry, Kenny, Keith, Malcolm, Mike, Murphy, and Albafica.

Albafica was my favourite friend, Tall nigga, funny, good looking, like me he had a foreign accent due to the fact we both spoke French.

During our first year at UO we went on many adventures together.

One of which, we decided to go to a prison and participate in a program that teaches psychology to the inmates.

Albafica and I started reading books on human behaviour, human understanding, the brain structure, mental toughness and many other books regarding human psychology. Reason why is because him and I have acknowledged the fact that we were different and had the right to be above others.

"we should be above others." We said to each other.

To do so, we needed to learn about how the brain sees and perceives things. Then again, we are all different, therefore it would be close to impossible to study every single individual.

Albafica and I decided then to focus on one gender alone.... females.

We decided to focus most of our energy, time and some of our wealth in understanding the psychology behind women understanding and use it to get us........ well get us anything we want and need.

Did you know ” the human brain prefers to be led therefore is always looking for leadership or a leader to guide or show them the way“.

After long hours of reading, watching videos, and hypothesis, it was time for some tests. Our first victim was Karen.

Karen was a student at UO. She was short, small body , studied environmental science , was interested in sports, preferably soccer and was particularly interested in kids’ stuff like teddy bears which she held a major sentimental value due to the fact that she was what we call a teddy-acholic.

Soft, childish and weak...... pretty good fit for a 1st subject.

Oh, btw.... I said ”was” because she’s dead now. Took her own life by jumping off a cliff, which we or I should say I ordered her to do.

To be honest we picked her out of the blue, Albafica and I were just there sited on a bench at UO playing the choose at random game and It landed on her.

She was apparently going to the library, I mean it was 5pm, she had on small black ballerinas, a yellow scarf was covering her hair tied in a bun. Together with a pair of blue regular pants and a hippy reddish sweater, along with a mountain of books in her hands.... basically, the I’m about to go study at the library starter pack.

Out of nowhere Albafica sprung up from the bench and walked in her direction. As if he had dropped something, he bumps into her and they start conversing.

Putting myself in her shoes, I wouldn’t mind being approached by Albafica either, who wouldn’t mind staring into deep hazelnut eyes, covered by a nice afro hair yellowish blonde. Along with a semi muscular body and a Nike smile.

I mean let’s give it to him.... the nigga is hot.

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