The Golden Years

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Three retired seniors become friends while residents of a Retirement Village. They share a common interest in mystery stories and movies. This first book provides the setting and background for other novels. One used to be a detective. Another was a nurse. And the third was a history teacher. All are used to being active and don't conform to society's view of "senior citizens". All is not a leisurely lifestyle of fun and games at Buena Vista Village. The problems confronting adjacent communities encroach upon the peaceful environment they live in. The residents must adjust to not only Nature's violence but human evil also.

Mystery / Thriller
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Agnes Hutchison was an independent woman her entire life but ultimately her greatest fear had arrived. No longer able to live on her own without help, her son drove her to an upscale retirement village where she would be housed in a safe and secure environment. Her daughter and son lived too far away to be at her beck and call.

Agnes never considered herself to be old or infirm. Judging from the frailness of the other residents she felt she didn't belong. A naturally reserved woman, would she be able to make new friends and fit in at Buena Vista?

The grounds and buildings were beautifully designed. The staff was friendly and attentive to the residents' needs. A world class chef prepared delightful meals. Multiple eye-catching flower beds enhanced the property. A natural wooded area invited the Seniors to take long walks. Gradually Agnes made two stimulating like-minded friends. Surely the rest of her days could be lived in peace and harmony.

But the violence, anger and corruption of the outside world managed to rock the peaceful setting and test the mettle of the Seniors.

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