The Lost Heirs.

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Three siblings are sent away to visit their estranged wealthy relatives, the Apions, in picturesque WavesPort, but the town is not as idyllic as it seems. A mystery that the town has buried, three siblings unearth. Avid curiosity that leads them on a perilous journey. A journey of uncovering the truth. And what they find is beyond unfathomable.

Mystery / Thriller
Mbali x
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Where it all began.

The Apion, interleaved with Egyptian ancestry. The descendants of the founding fathers of the small town of WavesPort. Thousands of years ago, the Apions left the ancient cities of Egypt and voyaged through the punishing seas, their lives in the grasp of fates clemency. They sailed the seas on a long and thin crescent-shaped skiff. Fortune was on their side as the they were ushered through hostile waters, unscathed, to a land that was theirs, to be molded in their mind’s eye.

The Apions were magnificent builders and draughtsman of ancient cities, that were known for their architectural marvels, which they had reciprocated in their remarkable design in the erection of WavesPort. A modernized hamlet burrowed on the edge, straggling the coastline, the vast stretch of the ocean was their oyster. All the way from Abusir, epochs ago, when it was still a vacant land, brimming with potential. Nothing compared to the crown splendor that it is today.

The Apion had crafted all that you see in the town. They owned most of the properties: housing, commercial land, and convenience stores, hauling WavesPort from obscurity and into the chrysalis of a flourishing era. All forged by the hand of the Apion.

In the womb of time, decades later, an unspeakable catastrophe was birthed. An unfathomable misfortune had befallen the revered family, royalty in the eyes of the town. Of its people. The only two heirs of the Apion house: a girl and a boy, adolescent twins. One day they left their shining manor on the hill, in the morning as they always did, always together. But this time they did not return.

Hours turned two days and days into months. No calls, no ransom demands. No inkling to where they were was unearthed.

They were just… gone.

Not a single clue was made known, a flaccid trace to what had happened… until one day.

In the early hours of May 12, 1975. The twin’s bodies were found, dredged up in Lake Cerulean. But that is all that they found. Their severed heads missing and the only thing that remained was their charred bodies, flesh horrifically seared by a liquid acid, up until their necks. The local pathologists diagnosed it to be a lethal dose of Hydrochloric acid .

The line of succession was not only rattled, but it was also embowelled.

The Apions were mortified by the grisly deaths of their only cherished progenies. They refused to allow the death of their heirs to be made a spectacle for the public, and even the native residents of WavesPort. The Apions visited the local publishing house and made sure no-one would breathe a word of it—that it would only diminish their standing in the world, and convey the impression that they were weak and easy prey.

There was only one surviving copy of the newspaper article that was going to be published and titled. The Lost Heirs. But it too was lost, a victim of time, and so was the death of the Apion’s descendants. Nevertheless, the chilling ‘disappearance’ of the Apion twins forever shrouded the town with an inescapable, haunting atmosphere that never ceased.

The spun narrative persevered through time; the twins were still missing and were yet to be found.

The parents of the twins and the family members closest to them, all fled the town, their home that incurred upon them such imaginable pain. Distant family members were sent in to occupy the Apion manor to live in WavesPort, and ensue their governance over the town as history would foresee it. Distant family members that had no relations to the twin’s parents but only by their blood. And they knew not how their children, the Apion twins, looked like or who they were and how they died. Most who knew, already perished, stricken with grief.

Weeks later, a miracle occurred, pounding urgently on the intricate oak doors of the Apion Manor was. The Apion twins.With skins blanched a pale white and caked with grime and filth. Their body’s enveloped from their neck to their ankles with dirty rags for clothing, their hair disheveled and their eyes etched with raw horror. The Apion twins claimed that all the time that had gone by; they were held as prisoners seized in a basement in a cabin in the woods but by one stroke of fortune and weeks of patiently waiting. The witty and staunch siblings managed to escape.

The existing Apion’s were overjoyed and welcomed their perceived lost heirs with open arms, without question, without speculation.

Promptly a witch-hunt was undergone to locate their capturers; every crevice of the woods was searched. The cabin was found, along with dried blood that stained the earthen floors of the basement. Old rusted fetters, abandoned on the floor. Along with shackles and chains bolted to the walls. No sign of their abductors.

They too were just…gone.

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