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Vicious. Different. The same.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Gymnopédie No.1 was playing when John Doe opened his eyes thinking if it will this be the last thing he will ever see — a plain white room with three beds separated by white curtains.

John Doe felt a bit of familiarity with each patient in the room.

On the first bed near the window, a man was maddeningly strong willed. His eyes are gleaming with hope. Even for a mile away, you can smell his thirst for life.

It disgusted John Doe badly.

Looking now on bed number two, the patient is mostly surrounded by his family. Even in his catatonic state, they are tireless in updating him with the latest news and whatever as he lie on the bed motionless.

Oh wait! Did he just blink?? Maybe? Not sure. For all he knows, he should be dead weeks ago. However, his family is so determined to keep him suffering for as long as they can possibly can.

On the last bed near the door, the patient is alone. He is blankly listening at the ear-piercing sound of that long monotonous beat because he knows his time is inevitable.

John Doe felt lightheaded and closed his eyes for a moment. When he regains his vision, he saw the three beds merged into one. It was vicious. It was different. But also, the same.

And there is something missing.

John Doe blinks for the last time and there he was. In a plain white room standing in front of an empty bed waiting for the black hooded figure to come.

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