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Insight --- "Everyone is not what they show Serra. Everyone have secrets. Even you" " So what are yours huh?" "You wouldn't want to know" Serra Hays, a rich yet simple teenage girl lives a perfect life. Until, she goes missing and is mysteriously returned back. In the hope of making her life normal again, she leaves her friends, her mothers house and everything she knew to start again. Just as she thought everything's fine she falls under the sight of the bad boy Justin East and his best friend Luc Summers. In this journey of love and hate, secrets will be revealed and hearts will break

Mystery / Other
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“Where are you going Dave?” Kristien asked. Dave Hays, a rich businessman was in his office, packing his stuff. “I uhh promised Serra I would take her to the amusement park. Her final exams just got over and she’s getting pretty bored staying at home all the time.” He handed Kristien some papers. “Complete the report of our recent profits while I’m gone and manage everything ok?” Kristien smiled. She knew Dave loved his daughter. ” Sure. Don’t worry about anything and enjoy.” Dave gave Kristien a kiss on her cheeks and rushed towards the parking lot. It was a short drive from his office to his home.

About ten minutes later, he was at his house’s doorstep. He had been ringing the doorbell but no one was responding. Weird. Serra would have opened the door immediately. She was pretty excited about today. He turned the doorknob and found the door open. This was even weirder. He quietly entered the house and saw Serra’s handbag was on the dining table. Serra’s home? He climbed up the stairs to her room but it was vacant. Dave started to panic now. After making sure he had checked every corner of the house, he went straight to their next door neighbour’s and rang the bell. A woman with long dark hair opened the door. “Yes Mr. Hays? You look quite troubled.”

“Mrs. Mclay, is Serra here?”
“She and Dew went out in the afternoon but Dew is back since long. Hasn’t Serra reached?”
“No” Where was Serra?
“Wait I’ll call Dew” Mrs Mclay went inside and came back with Dew and her twin sister Dinnera trailing behind her.
“Good evening uncle”
“Dew, did Serra come back with you?”
“Yes uncle. I saw her going inside too” Dew replied confidently. She was a bold girl who would never back off from what she thought was right.
Mrs Mclay gently kept a hand on Dave’s shoulder. “I think we should call the police.”

It was night and the police were still searching the house and asking questions regarding Serra.

“Mr Dave, do you think Serra ran from home?”
“She was a happy and content girl....She would never do something like that.”
“Do you think she was stressed or depressed?”
“I told you! My daughter was a happy girl!”
“Was she in a relationship?”
“How would that relate to my daughter going missing?”
“There can be a possibility of her running away with her boyfriend.”
“Why don’t you find out who took my daughter instead of questioning her character!” And then he broke up. Kristien, Mrs Mclay and a few more family friends and neighbours had come over to show their condolensces but that didn’t help Dave’s condition. After his wife Lillian’s death, Serra was the world to him. He couldn’t lose her. And he definitely was not going to spare anyone if his daughter was harmed.

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