Arms of the unknown

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Arms of the unknown is a mystery thriller and a horror story yet a sad one where it teaches us that trust is important and where doubt comes clear it since Avery didn't clear everything to her husband in first place and in defense kills him she goes to jail for a year this story took's place in 2018 and till 2020 the year passes and in 2019 on the same day Kevin her husband comes back to take revenge from whom he takes revenge? lets find it together!!!

Mystery / Thriller
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Dark soul

It was 28th November 2018 and time was 7:25 pm when Kevin get back home he was in extreme anger (we both used to work, I was a working woman an actor and he used to work in a company) when he got back he showed me a picture me laughing in an acting scene while sitting in a café. I didn’t understand what he meant by it but then he grabbed my mobile and crashed it on the floor It got split in pieces, he got a knife in his hand and he ran behind me, it looked as if he wants to murder me. I locked myself in the room still he had his keys so he got in the room to kill me and I was scared to death I threw a vase on his head and he fell I said “I’m sorry Kevin, I don’t think you are in your senses right now and I don’t know what is with that picture I hope we can talk about it.” he cried:” THERE IS NO TIME FOR CONVERSATION AVERY!!!! (after a pause with some tears he continued and said) I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU try to rUn RUN rUn” I went to the apartment main door and he ran to me with a knife it was like my last breath but his mobile rung and his knife fell I picked it up and stab it in his stomach then I attended the call he had on his mobile, It was our neighbors call he lived in the other building in front of our apartment, he was one of the good friends of Kevin. He said: “Is there something wrong I’m seeing you both running after each other from the window” I said reluctantly:“no-no, everything is fine” and by now it was 8:05 pm and I didn’t get enough time to bury and clean the floor that bell rung a women from other door shouted:” what is all the screams, Avery?” I said it is nothing she insisted to take a look but I said “aunt......
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