Arms of the unknown

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The Dead comes back

We are going to bed I hope you don’t mind coming tomorrow” still I don’t understand how they figured out that there is some murder held in our apartment because soon after that I was arrested and for a whole year under the oppressive officer who didn’t believe a word I said. At 28th November 2019 and time 7:10 pm I was released I first went to my workplace and I got a news that I’m fired and replaced and they also knew about the murder case everything was so changed in this isolated world by 8:oo pm I was about to go in the elevator that I felt someone’s hand over my shoulder it was cold as ice and the moment I turned my head there was no one behind me and when I turned back to step in the elevator I felt again someone’s hand was over my shoulder I was frightened to death and without looking back I ran into the elevator. the light started blinking!! the elevator stopped in mid before it reached my floor I tried to click all the buttons but nothing worked and soon after that I got fainted and fell to my right side although I was having some of my conciseness and I was not over floor entirely because I was half lifted in the air yet in “the arms of the unknown” and when I woke up I found myself on the grave of Kevin. I went to my apartment and soon after I found some unfamiliar guy who was translucent and could get invisible anytime after seeing him, I shouted and was about to die. that guy said he was a spy sent to me. He gave me countless scars and wounds. He bumped in my room and said that he is a friend of Kevin he enjoyed seeing me crying for help, I couldn’t scream so I was sitting like a dead skeleton in the corner of my room. My heart was

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