Arms of the unknown

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Everything don't possess explanation

Later that evening I saw Kevin spirit coming in the room he was also fading away he said soon after the 3 days he will return to his spiritual world & he said that he is here because yesterday was the day he died and today is the day of consolation of my death but I suppose there was no one around the time everyone was happy right? And tomorrow is the day when I was buried and after all that he suddenly glanced over the wounds and Scars covering my arms, legs, and neck I was in pain then he asked who did this I said “someone you send” he got vanished with a poof and there come screams and cries while he semblances back with the spirit friend he made in the spiritual world the friend who gave me these scars, his friend tried to dart but couldn’t be successful in it and received a good amount of punches, it was my first time seeing sprite fight sprite. After some time he vanished again with the wounded sprite and came back in a minute or so. He gave me blanket I quickly wrapped up my self in a blanket without a single word because I knew my turn is coming and he won’t forgive me and I have to die I was more scared than before because I now saw that he is much more strong than before in fact powerful. So he stepped a little further and I skittered to the kitchen locking the door, I cried a little in there without making noise so he won’t know that I’m in here, firstly because I don’t want to die secondly because the lumpy sunken area which was bleeding made my heart ripped and thirdly because I killed him but I got punished for doing murder, suddenly I felt someone’s hand over my right shoulder and then my blood run cold when I turned around it was Kevin THE GHOST he said “I’m not here to hurt you, you are right you got your punishment I’m here to punish those who didn’t get it and for your information, I went to the federals house he is laying in pain right now you can go and see for yourself” before I could say a word he said “Yes yes I know you hate me, even more, no need to tell”

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