Arms of the unknown

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I replied “when did I say I hate you, other than that you did a good thing to that guy

and I will never go to his home after the last time do you know what he did?” I said in a little high pitched voice he said: “no, but I didn’t know that you were to went his house you never told me Avery” I said in a polite tone “I used to hesitate that you will not trust me and our trust will break and he also blackmailed me that’s why I didn’t told” Kevin said: “Why he blackmailed you?”

“he on October 2018 texted me the address of location of shooting later when I went there I came to know that it was his own house and then I had a lot of Heebie-jeebies…. I called my friend trisa when I was alone in another room because he said he’ll bring something to drink, She came to help me escape his house and I also saw him adding some medicine in the palm grate juice she threatened him by the police and he threaten us by the pictures he took, that federal can show you and will break our trust from each other and that he will viral it he also said ‘you will have to pay for this’ ” Kevin said: “you should have just told me because I saw you myself in café with federal and federal also sent the picture of you in café with him though I thought it was an scene from your movie, I also showed you the picture do you remember on 28th November 2018. he told me that he took my no. from neighbor friend

Who is according to him his child hood friend from there village and his neighbor on 25th November told me that he saw you in car that cheered my heart but I didn’t told you because I don’t wanted you to think that I doubt you or I don’t trust you and I don’t wanted our trust to look weak but the most painful movement was when Federal called me to his house for a dinner when I was in my way to home back from work on 28th November 2018 for diner what he told me and showed me couldn’t be explained there was a big knife on the dining table and I grabbed it

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