Arms of the unknown

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Darkness pays a visit

Now I think those pictures were the ones from which he was threatening you.” I said in a low yet in a isolated tone “ it was all my mistake I wish i would have trusted you and told you everything in the first place but I was scared that you won’t understand and will think that I’m wrong -I’m sorry ……I’m SORRY so so sorry” He said “No it was my mistake you said me to communicate talk to u and we would have sort out the misunderstanding but I didn’t listen” I cried “but I killed you I’m a murder………I’m a killer will you forgive me” “ you killing me was defending your self

Of course I was not listening to you and you got your punishment to so yeah I forgive you and please stop crying Avery wait I can heal your wounds come in the launch” I went slowly towards to launch Kevin was mustering to take revenge from the neighbor friend because he lied about the car incident and I told this to Kevin that it never happened he healed my wounds after a while I was alright and they disappeared and other than that I was so surprised by his unusual powers he could read thoughts, he could heal and he could get invisible and see in dark I mean of course because he is a ghost but after time to time he was fading away he told me at 8:00 pm of tomorrow he will be not here and will go to his world forever. I asked him is he going to come back to meet on 28th November 2020 and what about his birth day will he be coming but he said he will come on both days to visit me but I won’t be able to see him he will be invisible it was by now 11:00 pm I was a little drowsy and lights got out and I got on the couch jumping and screaming (I was with a ghost and all alone in house and already had an encounter with one mean ghost so don’t judge me as cowered) Kevin said in a low tone “what are you doing Avery come down from couch and be quite aunt will come from neighbors in a fright, you are already so sleepy go to bed” I said immediately “I can’t see anything and you’ll go tomorrow by the way where are you going to go right now will you stay in here or go back to your world and come tomorrow?” he replied “No there is some incomplete work to do I’ll do that and I almost

Forgot to ask what happened to your job did they fired you?” I said “yes federal told them. He hated me from start and I never know” “he just wanted to you to get notorious for the murder and you’ll loose your job that’s all because of his jealousy from you and neighbor helped him because he was jealous that I have a trustworthy and caring wife he wanted to show me that you were not a trustworthy and a caring wife and that’s what he wanted everyone to know and Coming to my ghost friend he just had a dirty mind so I can’t say anything about it and now we are not friends anymore.” “yeah you are right I just don’t want to think about it anymore lead

me the way or can you bring me my cell phone its on side table” “okay” after that next morning

Came. The sun bloomed on the horizon, golden petals stretching ever outwards into the rich blue sky.

after the normal daily tasks in the noon he came and told me to open social media

I opened it and saw the picture of federal and neighbor friend drowned in blood and in one video

they said they are the one to build this fire up and all the blame was on them now they were to

go to jail and the picture was posted from Kevin’s mobile. which was with officer so it was a whole Mystery for them.

then came 7:45 pm he and I were standing in grave yard when he disappeared

In front of my eyes the tears rolled down my eyes but it was the time for Goodbye

“Now I’m in this mental hospital yes because I’m an orphan no one believes me and Kevin’s family

hates me so I’m all alone talking to walls sitting here thinking that someone will believe me.

I used to do all the wrong and abnormal things : (cause i was lonely everyone hated me sadly)

Like I used to eat aunts cats food and talks to Kevin in night loudly (in reality he was not there) from

Which neighbor aunt thought that I’m a psycho I’m not a psycho right?”

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