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The creature in the tree

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The daughter of the mother and farther went to play outside until she found a ominous shadow over the oak tree in the forest next to there house were she was told never to go near!!!! This book is written by Grace Harrison This book was illustrated by Christopher Harrison

Mystery / Adventure
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CHAPTER 1 The loving family

The year was 2000, a young girl was born into the most loving family in the world, the young girl was brought home to a hut just near a forest, the farther lived there when he was little and wanted to keep it. The hut was warm and cozy. Even though it wasn’t the biggest,it was just right for them!

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into years, it got to the girls 10th birthday, her farther took her out for the day, they went to a nature school to look around it, the girl always wanted to go to nature school! As the farther and daughter went out the mother was gardening and building a swing for the young girl to play on, she finished the swing then she moved onto the gardening next to an oak tree she was making the tree look a bit more lively for when her daughter got back because the young girl loved nature.

As the farther and daughter looked round this school it was quite small for a nature school and there’s only a couple of kids in it but the young girl didn’t care!! She noticed that these kids looked very busy building dens and she asked if she could join in and they said “yeh! Of corse.” The young kids at the school built there den with sticks, but the young girl found wood and built hers out of wood, 2 hours later the young girl was done everyone was impressed with how well she can build.

“Time to go home” said the farther “Bye everyone see you soon” shouted the girl back to the children. So then the farther and the young girl walked back home not knowing what they’ll find when they get back!!

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