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A prequel of the Abide in the Darkness novel.

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1- Worst Birthday

Today is my seventeenth birthday. And as a gift my older brother Mikael Smith has taken me hunting in the woods of Canary-yellow outside our home town Maire. Without our parents consent of course.

God forbid, if they should ever learn of this, especially our father. Not only will I be flogged until my ass literally turns blue, but all of this will be blame entirely on me.

And even though I knew all of this before coming here, I took the risk anyway.

Why? Because I've never set foot outside the Smith’s Plantation. Not once. Not ever. No thanks to my father. I was never allowed to leave the house or rather my room the cellar. Never allowed to play with my siblings or have friends. Never allowed to even breathe unless he said so.

That bastard is ashamed of letting people know I even exist. I overheard him saying that to mother in private once.

That is why I’m making the most of this. Hoping to get back home before my parents had noticed our disappearance.

Anyway, I was truly excited about my first time taken hunting, I chased after a deer deep within the creepy woods and got separated from Mikael. And to make matter worst, I not only lost track of the animal, but I was lost.

Hearing a shuffling sound coming from the bushes before me, I set my bow and arrow ready to shoot the first thing that comes popping out.

To my surprise, it wasn't some wild animal like I thought, but a sudden brilliant golden light almost like the sun appeared out of no where. Forcing me to drop my weapon and shade my eyes.

The light then faded a few seconds later and my god there she was. The most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Her seemingly soft long hair and bewitching eyes were the colour of almonds. Her lips were moist, dark pink. Tempting me to take a taste. And her skin. Oh my god, her beautifully melanin and flawless skin. I'd sacrifice anything. Fuck! Everything just for a feel.

Skimpy clothing weaved from white and golden silky fabric, covered her stunning, curvy and alluring physique.

My god, one woman shouldn't be so damn appealing. So goddamn perfect.

Petrified, nervous, infatuated, enchanted and a bit afraid. That’s how I feel lost in her beauty. Becharmed by her existence.

But though she looked like a normal human being, my instinct informed me she was not. Or maybe it was because her feet were not touching the ground.

Holy, fuck.

As the angel approaches me. No float across to me I grow more and more uneasy. More like I'm losing my damn mind. I didn’t know what to do. Whether to run or hollered out for help. Maybe begged her for mercy. On my poor little heart. The damn thing was racing like a car engine. And my entire body was shivering as if I was on ice.

She now stood face to face with me, reaching a hand out for me and I flinched, tripping to the ground. I was truly pitiful.

Crouching next to me, she involuntarily took hold of my cheeks and cutely smile, “you need not be afraid human. I’m not going to hurt you.”

I wanted to believe her words. In fact, I did. But some part of me can't help being wary of her. Question her intention.

Woozy, that's how my head felt. And my knees weakened. Not only because of this strange young lady's magical effects on me, but there were ten men size wolves like creatures standing on two legs. Appeared out of nowhere. Surrounding us, like we were meats on a stick. Lord, my poor heart can’t take any more surprises. I've had enough.

The monsters charged at us like the vicious beast they are and the only thing I could do in my fear is sat still and wait to die. Pathetic right?

Mystery girl, on the other hand, used some kind of strange sorcery to create some yellow energy field that hit all the monsters to the ground.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep them down. Those monsters recovered from all injuries like the snap of a finger, circling us like hungry vultures. The worst birthday ever.

There was a whistling sound loud enough to wake up the whole god-damn woods. Powerful enough to quake my very soul to the core. Something frightening is here. I can feel it in my bones.

A path was made by the beasts for a grim yet abnormal appealing young male about my age. He had long snowing white hair that touch his ankles. Glowing golden eyes that give you the same sensation as looking at a full blood moon on a dark quiet night. Ominous and creepy.

His bare torso was perfectly built as if it was forged from steel. And a white furry garment covered his groin. White slave band tattoos on each arm and legs.

The ten monsters magically shifted into human form. Naked young males, all seemed to be in their late teens. You can’t begin to imagine how terrified I was by all of this, thinking none of this was possible. None of this makes logical sense. But I am seeing this with my own two eyes, therefore it as to be real. Right?

The young males all kneeled before the newcomer as if he was their king or some sort of leader.

“What are you woman?” the lead monster sternly asked as he observed the young lady ravenously. Lustfully. I hate him already. “You smell strangely good.”

I don’t know how or when he did it, but the lead monster was now standing in front of the young lady. My angel, attempting to fondle her face I presumed.

But she didn’t allow it. She not only took hold of his hand before it could reach her, but she attacked him with a beam of yellow light that emitted from her freaking palms. Shoving him, several feet back from her. He was even burned severely. Well, not for long, since all the wounds vanished. Like they were never there.

One of the young men among the ten monsters was getting ready to attack the angel. Thankfully, the lead monster had stopped him before he could and said, “Stand down Yon.”

“But Lord McCoy,” Yon protested.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” McCoy asked firmly and yet deadly.

Yon back away very frightened, like a cowardly dog. “No my lord.”

McCoy gazed was set on the girl yet again. He seemed greatly fascinated by her like I am. And he seemed curious to know why. “Are you a tyrant? Or A witch probably? It doesn’t matter anyway, since you’re both going to die for trespassing on my territory.”

With inhuman speed and brute strength, McCoy attacked the young lady non-stop. And she blocked his every blow with ease which seemed to surprised him. Thanks to the light barrier that cloaked her body.

But enough about them. Five of the ten beasts attacked me after taking on their wolf forms. Tearing into my flesh like I was a feast. Their first meal in ages.

Bleeding. I was bleeding non-stop. And the pain was so damn excruciating, my body became numb. Then strangely, the pain was no more.

The five monsters that snacked on me suddenly stopped, howling in pain. Painfully, they shifted back to human form. Disintegrated into black ashes. The other five beasts growled angrily at me as their eyes glowed golden brown. But they seem afraid of poor little old me and backed away.

The somewhat astonished McCoy, left the girl be. Swiftly, taking hold of my neck. With a grip capable to decapitate me. And as he was about to rip me apart, a yellow light bound him, making him unable to move. Only for a few seconds.

Thus freeing me from his grasp. The angel then in an instant took hold of me and soared into the sky like a bird.

What the hell?

Some minutes later, the young lady landed with me somewhere in the woods on the bank of a river— placing me to lie. My breathing became weaker by the seconds, and I felt like I was on the verge of dying. I was dying.

Suddenly, my inside felt as if someone had lit me on fire. My whole body was experiencing pain that I’ve never experienced before. I couldn’t even make a sound. I had to stay silent and endure it all.

The young lady quickly rolled me into the shallow part of the water as a mean to cool me down. But that didn’t work. I was burning to hellish flame degrees it seems, even the water started to steam.

Her delicate and warm palm rested at the centre of my chest and a yellow light emitted from it, piercing through my skin. It hurts for a while before I passed out.

Regaining consciousness, I sat up on the bank of the river, surprised to find myself alive. I then observed my body to see that all my wounds were gone completely like there were never there. I know this is strange, but I never really questioned it, nor am I surprised. Since this always happens for as long as I can remember.

Every time I am injured, no matter how severe the wound, I healed miraculously.

"I see you are awakened," the young lady with the hair and eyes the colour of almond said seated next to me. Smiling genuinely at me. "My name is Stella. What’s your name?"

My whole body turn red. I was so embarrassed. Why? Because I was, butt naked and I just realized that. I quickly turned away from her trying to hide. My private part that is. "Where— where are my clothes?"

"They were torn and bloody, so washed and stitched them. Hanged them out to dry."

I gazed over to my wet clothes hanging from a tree branch nearby and rushed to get them. Out of the blues, Stella appeared before me. I was so startled I stumbled on the ground, but I never forget to cover my crotch. "What— what are you doing?"

"If you get dressed in those wet clothes you might catch an illness," She said.

I look away from her mortified. "I cannot get sick."

"Are you serious?" She looked at me as if I'm insane.


Just by resting her hand on my forehead, all my body urges was running on overtime. "I have never met a human like you before," she said.

It’s strange she said that, since I’ve never met a girl like her before either. My eyes were softened, and my body overwhelmed with strong desires the longer I feel her palm against my skin. My heart beats pound louder and louder. I wonder if she could hear it.

I’ve never had feelings like this before. It was like my heart was ripping apart my chest. My mouth was all watery and my palms sweaty. I gulped then gazed into her eyes, and I was lost for a moment unable to think or even catch a breath. I lowered my head blushing.

She pulled away her hand and slightly giggled, "You are such a modest and cute boy."

For five minutes, I was still because I was all hard down there and my cheeks were reddened. God, I’ve never been so ashamed and nervous in my whole life.

"So are you going to tell me your name or not?" She asked.

"Zane— Zane Smith," I answered haltingly.

"Zane? That’s a very strange name."

"What are you?" I finally get to ask the question that have been weighting on my mind from the first time I saw her.

"I’m a fairy."

"A fairy?" I repeated puzzled. "What is that?"

It was then I remembered about hunting and Mikael, and started to panic. My parents are going to kill me. They must know by now that Mikael and I had sneaked away from home. I need to get home right now.

But looking around I had no clue as to where to go. And beside I was scared of going into the woods alone now. I wouldn’t want to bump into those monsters again.

"My Queen." A young male with sparkly yellow eyes appeared next to Stella, dressed in shining silver armour, lowered his head and stated respectfully.

"Denis" Stella uttered a bit astounded. “What brought you here?"

"Please return to Armenia immediately," Denis requested.

"I will do no such thing Denis," Stella refused his proposal. "Why did you think I asked you to help me leave without anyone knowing?"

"I thought you were only staying here in the human world, for a few days."

"I lied. I have no plan on returning home."

"His majesty King Marcus knows you are here in the human world."

"How did he know I was here?" Stella looked somewhat shocked but not for long.

"Because I told him," Denis replied. Seeming a bit regretful.

"Are you here then to take me home?"

"That was my order."

"I can’t let you do that."

"Please my queen. You must return home," he pleaded.

"I will do no such thing," Stella said then disappeared in a flash of light.

Denis also vanished in a flash of light.

To think I was fazed by all of this even after all I have witnessed today. What a god-damn birthday this turn out to be.

Oh, crap!

I need to get home before it is too late.

My clothes were partially dry, but I get dressed in them anyway and take off into the woods. Hoping I was on the right path back to my town. Unluckily, I heard a snarling sound coming from the bushes. Oh God, No.

Sprang out of the bushes, a beast blocked my path. And I was defenceless, not to mention terrified. All I could think about is that I am going to die.

And before I could even think of moving a leg, I was knocked to the ground from behind, breaking one of my arm. Dragged into the bushes by the beast. Bumping my head on a stone going unconscious.

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