Truly Undercover - Book 2

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I’m a nightclub dancer. Jack has become a regular. He’s always there watching and waiting, but he feels safe. Little do I know he’s undercover and needs my help. Can I help him solve the case and not lose my heart? © 2020 Breanne Bergie. All Rights Reserved.

Mystery / Romance
Breanne Bergie
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Chapter ONE ~ The Beginning

TRUE Series:

True Bliss - Book 1

Truly Undercover - Book 2

True devotion - Book 3

Blinking her eyes against the blinding light, she tries her hardest to open them. They feel heavy, like it weighs them down.

“What is going on? Why can’t I open my eyes?”

Her body feels numb, her memory fuzzy. Something is very wrong. Her body shakes in fear of what’s happening. She can finally touch her head, which has started pounding. At the back of her head she feels something sticky and hot.


Her eyes finally open slowly and there she sees blood on her hand. Bright red blood. The light is so bright, shining in her face. She tries to remember what happened, where she is, but nothing is coming...

She’s feeling lost and scared, but most of all she fears the worst. Something terrible is happening.

Suddenly, she remembers her brother. His hair just like hers, dark emerald eyes and his smile just like her own. Then she hears it.

Thump, thump, thump, thump...

Her body shakes uncontrollably, and she knows this is the end. She cannot get up, she cannot move and he’s coming for her.

Memories come back before her eyes. Being at the club, finding him and then....

Oh, no... No! No!” Jill cried out.

He now stands before her, but she cannot see his face because he stands in front of the blinding light.

You are not supposed to know. Nobody was to find out.” He said angrily.

P-please... I-I won’t talk.” Jill stammered. “I know nothing.”

The man laughs and then raises something in his hand. Tapping it against the other. He comes closer and she cannot stop the shaking of her body. She’s so scared and alone. She cannot fight back and no one’s there to save her.

I love you, Jackie…” Jill whispered as her lips trembled right before she saw him raise the bat and it came down. She has no time to scream, cry or beg for her life. Then she sees nothing.

Nothing but Darkness…

I’m late... Late again. Running behind seems to be my thing lately as I run for my car. Juggling school and this job has been tough, but I know this is what I have to do. There are school bills to pay and nobody else will do it but me. Getting into my shiny, black car, I step on the gas and head to work.

Don’t speed. All I need is a ticket right now.” I say to myself as I almost run a red. Shit! Pay attention, girl!”

I’m almost at work and my boss Big Ben will have my neck. I’ve been late too much this week. I’ve been trying to squeeze in my finals wherever I can. I’m hoping he goes easy on me today, but I highly doubt it.

Pulling into work, I look up at the bright-colored lights spelling out LAVISH. The nightclub where I work has been around for years. It has its regulars and then there’s all the tourists that come into town. I’m a party girl. Having an excellent time is what I do best. So I figured being a club dancer would be something for me. It’s got to pay the bills and this opportunity just fell into my lap when I needed it. I cannot afford to lose this job. As soon as I walk through those enormous doors, I hear him.

Where have you been?” Big Ben said.

Taking off my sweater, I walk over to him wearing something skimpy and sexy. The normal for my job. Finals, Big Ben. The other thing I do besides this job.”

Big Ben is the name everyone calls him. He’s the boss and owner of LAVISH. The nightclub with bar dancers. The only club in this town. That’s probably why it attracts so much attention. Which means extra tips for me.

Well get up there beautiful and do your thing!” Big Ben said, feeling generous.

Thank god he’s in a good mood tonight. Besides, I was much less late than the last few times. I head to the bar, jump up on it just as my favorite song comes on. My hips sway, and my entire body is feeling the powerful beat. My knee-high boots thump on the bar top as I go. My shoulder-length blonde hair swaying through the air. I look over to see Stacey dancing beside me. She shakes her ass in front of a man who I can tell badly wants to grab it, but not dare too.

Here for the night is the sexy Miss Stacey Stixs along with the lovable Miss Sasha Fierce!” The DJ announced our dance club names over the speaker.

I hear a loud roar of hooting and hollering fall over the crowd. It always puts me in the mood and I’m ready. As I dance towards Stacey, she gives me a minor bump and grind then speaks close to my ear.

This never means we are friends... Now move. You’re in the way of my tip for the night.” Stacey snapped.

I just smile at Stacey and give her a little tap with my ass in the right direction. She looks back at me and glares. I could swear she growled at me. Laughing a bit, I dance away across the bar top. I feel free as the music takes hold. Moving this way and that to the beat.

Suddenly, that pair of dark emerald colored eyes has drawn me in. This man has become a regular, and he’s always in the same spot every night. He chooses the corner table in the back. He has come no closer, but I can always feel his eyes on me. Watching me as I move, but never once getting near me. His gaze isn’t creepy either, like some regulars. It feels safe and all so sexy. He has never spoken to anyone. Just sits in the same spot and watches until he leaves every night.

Tonight, something feels different about him. As I dance and glance at him, still keeping my attention on the other customers, I notice he’s fidgeting. He’s never like this. Always cool and collected. Like he’s in control, but tonight it seems off.

He suddenly has something in his hand that goes to his ear. It’s his cell phone I realized, and he seems really consumed in the phone call.

Hey, baby! Shake that ass for me!” A random guy calls out to me.

I continue dancing. He looks like he’s had a bit too much to drink. I then feel a hand land right on my ass. Hey! Hands off, buddy!”

Or what, baby? What are you going to do?” He asked in a daring tone.

It’s not me who will do something with you…” I replied in a whisper as I saw Russ, the club’s bouncer, put his hand on the stranger’s shoulder and pull him firmly towards the door.

Hey, man! What the hell!” The drunken man exclaimed.

It’s hands off policy. No touching the ladies or you go.” Russ said firmly as he continued to take him to the door. The stranger put up a bit of a fight. Not much though since he’s drunk. “Here look. See no touching the ladies.”

Russ shows him the sign at the door just as he shows him the door. I laugh to myself and look back to the corner table. What…”

I whisper as I now see the corner table is no longer being used. The mysterious man left and I wonder where he went as I continue on with my night of dancing and tips until the club comes to a close.

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