I wiped my tears using your blood!

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.This is an spine-chilling horror comic including epic fantasy,thirst for blood, mystery and crimes the main character is Anna who is blind her mother died by doing a suicide because of a blame that she couldn't bare, as told to her and her grandma. One day Anna encountered an strange energy which was just like a flash and it grabbed her abruptly what was it? what horror or exciting is coming up next? what was the mystery behind her mothers,her uncle and aunts death? & who will die next?

Mystery / Horror
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{Beep-beep} “daughter Anna wake up or other wise you will miss your art teaching class,students must be waiting for you. Come on take my hand.” said grandma

I’m Anna i can not see but feel. My mother died years ago it’s said She did a suicide because of the blame she received of killing her own brother and his wife, later my father married. My step mother posses harsh behavior with me and my grandma she always poisoned my father against me and grandma. I work in a small school where i teach arts.

I woke up and changed my cloths as usual took a cab and went to school but it was extremely late today on the way back because of tremendous amount of work which lead to 8.p.m and on the way back i couldn’t find any cab, no one helped me and when i tried to make way through this rough night a cloudburst started from no where this made me loose the courage cause my brushes and canvas me myself got all wet.

I heard people laughter from approximately 10 feet distance so i assumed that there must be shade when i was about to move i stepped in mud created by yesterdays rain! and slowly the rain turned into downpour

The moment i lost the courage something or someone swiftly with an immense amount of force, grabbed me abruptly and cursorily in a flash and left me in my house, in fact in my room in less than a minute.

i was left alarmed because it was just out of the blue and was unconventional and in no time i heard my stepmother screaming to my father: “LOOK DAVID!! Your daughter had left the door open, she is welcoming thieves in our house”

one week passed everything was normal and nothing unexpected or strange happened, but one day while i was in school while taking class of 5th graders i felt as if some electromagnetic force pulled me towards the store or something or someone dragging me from shoulders to the store.it was indeed painful however when i went there........

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