Broken to Love

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A crushing doubt filled Cassidy’s heart. Would another accept it all as she has.... the life she created for herself and her daughter? Her decision to allow him in their lives after he crushed her heart...after he walked away... Would it be enough to move on with the endless love she has for her child. Endless questions weigh her heart down but she has to stay strong for her life is no longer just about the life they created was her main priority no matter how hurt she is seeing him happy without her. Authors Note: This is my first book so please it would be great if you would be open minded about this book. Thanks, Be safe.

Mystery / Romance
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Many face the reality of a life they never expected to live and that is no different for Cassidy. Cass as her friends used to call her has started a new journey in her life that was never a part of her plan. At the ripe age of 22, she thought she was in love with her fated mate. Her wolf Faye had been so sure that he was their fated mate but in the end he was not.

Her worst fears came to life as he walked out the door and their lives and nothing Cass did could stop the pain from consuming her or bring him back. She wishes she could regret and forget the time she was with him but a-lass she could never bring herself to hate him or their brief time together. Her greatest gift was from their love they once shared. A treasure with the name of Pearl.

At the age of 2 1/2 months old, Pearl can still the hearts of others just by looking at them. Her unique coral colored eyes draw you in and her giggle surrounds you in a warm hug. Cass knows first hand how amazing her baby girl is and would do anything she can to ensure her life is full of love even if she goes without. Everyone loves her the instant the meet her.

As a single mother Cass cannot help but see happy couples and families everywhere she turns with her beautiful purple eyes. She sees her ex happy and content in his life without her and wishes she could do the same. She fears that he will be the first and last love she ever has. Who can blame her for that though since she is a werewolf with a child outside of mating. Male wolves are not usually willing to take on another wolf’s child when the father is still involved.

Come read the story of her journey to not only find herself-worth but her happy-ever after as well. Will she find her true love or will she face the life she has with pride and be content with the hand she was dealt.

Hi; this is my first story so there will be mistakes not only in spelling and grammar but in werewolf knowledge as well. I am creating my own version and understand of werewolves and their mating but will try to keep the basics. I hope you read the story with an open mind and enjoy the development of everyone involved.

credit to @snowflake for helping me get started with my book...

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