Necronomicon: Papers of Penance

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Interlude - Gabriel's Notes

Pierre Renaud invited us all. Is he forced? Maybe.

Sawney Deis, Lucius W. Berezin, Sevrin Peyton, Neilan Jest – innocent

Patrizia Richter, Penny Reina, Silvia Ratri – innocent

Marwin Preis? Aristide Utterson? Normand Chevalier didn’t kill himself – fact

The Ancient Ones?

No one has a grudge on each other – fact

Blood of seven men, symbol of the gates (same as the grey walls – memorised)

Coming of the full moon = Waxing gibbous

Athame? Lock in total darkness.

Motive – Experiment – fact

Nathaniel Deis dead. Samuel Wilmarth dead. Timothy Preis dead.

Timothy lied about the Necronomicon.


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