Best Friends Forever?

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They sat on the fresh dirt, embracing each other, as they stared at the two stones that stood side-by-side. They had tears in their eyes as they studied the words inscribed on both stones. The one to the left was a white marble that read, “ here lies Rachel M. Owens, she was always smiling and bringing joy to others, December 10, 1996 - March 5, 2016.” The one to the right was a jet black granite that read, “Selene L. Foster, A beautiful, loving girl with big dreams to change the world. October 21, 1996 - march 5, 2016.” The stones represented their personalities perfectly. Rachel was the smiling one that brought happiness and joy to the friendship, Selene was always serious and brought the dark jokes in the harsh truth to that friendship. They were polar opposite’s but best friends.

The girl to the right looked over at the girl beside her bright blue eyes watered as she began to speak, “Sel...” she paused, choking up a little. Taking a deep breath, she began to speak again. “ do you think if we would’ve done things differently that we will be alive still?” Staring foreword almost as if in a daze Sel answered her friend. “Well, Rach, I think that if we had done things differently we would quite possibly still be alive. But someone else would’ve had the same fate as us.” Rachel started off for a few minutes, deep in thought, before she spoke up again, “Would you please tell me what happened in your point of view? I’d like for you to help me to comprehend everything we just went through.” Selene wrapped her arm around Rachel and gave her shoulder a slight squeeze. “Of course, Rach.” She took a breath before going over the events.

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