Trial of the Century

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Chapter Two: Rebirth:

The process would take place in the morgue of the police station. Jessica had to work as usual. The more she did the paperwork, the more thoughts crossed her head. Could this really happen? Any possible experiments haven’t been exposed on the news. How long would this work? Would this even work? She frowned to herself.

“It seems like a hoax to me,” Jessica said to herself.

“It might not,” someone said next to her. Jessica jerked her head upwards. A tall Latino man stood over her. The detective rolled her eyes.

“Carlos,” she said.

“I heard about your case,” he said. Jessica frowned.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Think this experiment will work?” he asked. She shrugged and shook her head.

“I don’t know,” Jessica said. “I don’t really believe any of this myself. How would it even work?”

“I’d be lying if I said wasn’t curious,” Carlos said. Jessica just shrugged as she looked at her computer screen.

“I’m doing this because the chief said so,” she said.

“When is this miracle happening?” he asked. Jessica looked at her computer screen.

“Four,” she said.

“Ah,” Carlos said. “I wish you luck.” He gave her a little salute and walked back to his desk. Jessica shook her head and got back to work.


Jessica made her way to the morgue at four. The coroner and Dr. Perez were already waiting for her. The man with the wild gray hair stepped forward with his arms out.

“Detective!” he said. “So good to meet you! How are you doing?” His coat was white with leopard print. The black rimmed glasses took up most of his face. Jessica raised her eyebrow.

“You Dr. Perez?” she asked.

“In the flesh!” the man said. He held out his hand. “At your service.” Jessica gave him a strange look.

“You have your machine ready or whatever?” she asked. The scientist cleared his throat.

“Follow me,” he said. Dr. Perez turned to the coroner. “Lead the way.” The coroner turned and walked down the hall. The scientist followed behind. Jessica shrugged and walked down the hall as well.

They came down to the cooler where Michael was being kept. The coroner pulled open the drawer. Jessica sneered when she saw the body. Everything came flooding back to her mind. He kept denying and dodging the questions. His father was much worse. The detective gritted her teeth as she tried to stay calm. This better work. She looked up to the coroner and the scientist.

“Let’s get this over with,” Jessica said. Dr. Perez held up his hand.

“Patience, dear,” he said. The scientist set down his black leather briefcase on the floor. Jessica looked as he pulled out a small circular pad.

“Behold,” he said. He stuck the pad to the side of the corpse’s head.

“How are you sure this will actually work?” the coroner asked.

“Of course,” Dr. Perez said as he set up a white smart speaker-sized box. He connected three wires between the pad and the speaker box.

“How does this work?” Jessica asked.

“I will take the consciousness from the body and store it in the cloud,” he said. The detective gave him a strange look.

“Huh?” she asked.

“Take a look,” the scientist said. He turned to the coroner.

“How long has the suspect been dead?” he asked.

“A day,” the coroner said. “The family hasn’t claimed the body yet.”

“Excellent,” Dr. Perez said. “The tissue is still good.” He turned and turned on the machine. A soft hum filled the air. The chords started to vibrate.

“First we stimulate the tissue from the brain long enough to get the consciousness,” the scientist said. The coroner blinked.

“Wait… are we bringing him back from the dead?” he asked. Dr. Perez laughed.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “Mr. Powell is already dead. We’re just waking up the tissue long enough for the process. The longest we can get a good sample is…” The scientist did a quick count on his fingers.

“Two minutes, tops,” he said. Jessica stared at him uncertain the whole time. This all seemed like a fancy hoax. Dr. Perez hadn’t asked for money at all. But why was he doing this? What was his angle? The light on the speaker turned green.

“Ah, it’s ready,” Dr. Perez said. He reached over and hit another button. A low hum filled the room. The wires began to shake again. The speaker box shook for a few seconds. A small ping filled the air. The light turned orange.

“Ah, we’re done!” he said. Jessica and the coroner looked up.

“That’s it?” the detective asked.

“Behold!” Dr. Perez said. He, Jessica, and the coroner crowded around the white speaker-box. A small screen lit up.

“What is…?” the detective started to ask.

“Shhh,” Dr. Perez said, putting up his hand. Suddenly, a face appeared on the screen. Jessica covered her mouth as she gasped. The scientist smiled.

“So, how are you doing?” he asked. The face opened his eyes. Instantly, Michael panicked.

“Where… Where am I?” I asked.

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