Who killed her?

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16 year old Hannah Hastings is found dead on the day of PROM. Next to her is a letter with her name signed at the bottom and razors. They all say she committed suicide due to blackmail and depression. Till her best friend found her diary. From then she knew this was not a suicide but a murder. Someone wanted her dead. But who? From that day onwards, she took it upon herself to solve the murder of her best friend. And trouble arises as word spreads of her father being in town, the new sheriff. Will she ever find out who killed her best friend? Will she ever know why? Why did they kill her? Will justice be served for Hannah? Will the people who betrayed her be punished? You know what they say 'Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer'

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The chapter contains scenes of suicides and imagery which may be triggering for some readers.


It began with a scream.

It was the kind of scream that made your blood run cold. It is not the type of noise you would want to hear on the day of your prom. It was not screams of happiness and joy but screams of shock, pain and sadness.

What would you do if you heard a scream like that?

Whilst others rushed to the sound of the scream, some stayed back. Teachers and students rushed to the front of the school where they saw Hannah’s lifeless body. Nobody had attempted to move it. No one was allowed to touch the body as it was now a crime scene. The girl looked like she could be sleeping. Unless you looked at her stomach. There you would see her white dress stained in red blood and a tear in the fabric.

Hannah’s two best friends fell to the floor once they saw her body. This was the girl she had grown up with since nursery. A single tear slid down from their warm, butterscotch eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flowed it’s way down their pale cheeks.

Why Hannah? Why did she kill herself?

She was the most genuine and kindest person ever. She was all about simplicity, making things easy, helping those around her to relax and be happy with what they have. When she smiled and laughed you couldn’t help but smile along too, even if it was just on the inside. Everyone loved her.

“Someone. Anyone. Call the police,” A teacher yelled.

Upon hearing her voice, many students rushed inside and called for the police, their hands shaking and voices breaking as they dialled 999. The best day of their lives had now turned into their worst day.

A few minutes later, faint noise and police chatter could be heard.


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