A Sticky Wicket

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Case Study Number 84

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Case Study Number 84

Warning, these are the raw, bare unusual facts as originally recorded. Some names, times, places and some facts have been altered for obvious reasons.

Exerted from the private letters of Mr. Harley Q. circa the early 1900s.

Name: Harly Q. circa 19 …

Place: A large coastal metropolis in Britain

Time: A period in late autumn


The following affair occurred during my younger days when my youth and its’ raw bitter passions were still a strong pull on my reactions!

Now, how do I start?

The Blonde dancing in front of me was dressed up like a movie star prancing on a red carpet.

Only about nineteen, her slinky gown created the impression of having been poured like shimmering liquid satin, along with her curvy, voluptuous figure!

The fancy dress fluidly swishing as she swirled about the massive chamber!

It all made her appear far older and mature than she obviously thought she was.

For some, her looks and personality may have been seen as charming and fun.

But for me, the only thing charming about her was the way her abundant sparkling jewellery played with the lights from the large chandeliers, grabbing my utmost command!

And then…

But wait, I may be placing the royal carriage before the noble steed!

Allow me to restart:


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Acte 1: The Stage Setting

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