A Sticky Wicket

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Acte 4: The Curtain Rises

So, there I was, at the Costume Ball, feeling a bit peeved!

I sat on a barstool, alone and growing more bored by the minute, wishing something interesting would happen.

I can remember thinking, as I looked over my fellow partiers about a saying that I had always found to be amusingly true.

“If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”

I don’t know who first said it, but brother, the person was right on the money.

So I just settled in and watched the amusing antics of the easily sighted wealthy guests among the crowd!

I soon zeroed in on one particular, whose arrogant behavior, and her attire, made her stand out.

In my mind, I began to call her the “the prig!’

The ‘Prig’ was a stunning young 18-year-old blonde who was probably just in her A-levels, but with the public maturity level of a grade-schooler!

Once I spotted her, I kept catching my eye on her most of the evening!

Once or twice, I was sure she caught me looking at her goods.

But I was not watching her for the reasons she would think were mine!

To her, I was just some male face in the crowd, exhibiting his lust.

But, the reason my eyes kept traveling upon her was for an entirely different one.

I just found nothing to be more annoying than a sulky, immature young whelp who believes she is the apple of everyone’s eye, making an absolute nuisance of herself as she ran amok!

She was mingling around, making silly remarks about people, sometimes to their faces.

As she Hung out with her group of friends, who seemed to be of the same mold as my blonde!

One of those girlfriends, a redhead, was even dressed, appropriately enough, as a willowy witch.

The Blonde ‘Prig’ herself, was dressed up like a slinky movie star on a red carpet.

Far too maturely dressed up in my opinion!

The ‘Prig’s’ slinky gown created the impression of having been poured along with her curvy voluptuous figure, like shimmering liquid satin, fluidly swishing as she bounced about the ballroom massive chamber!

Slithering in and out amongst the guests as she and her Prima Donna friends made fun of everyone!

It all made her appear far older and mature than she thought she was!

Now, For some, her looks and personality may have been seen as charming and fun.

But for me, the only thing charming about her was the way her abundant sparkling jewellery played with the lights from the large chandeliers as she moved about, that grasped my command!

But from the distance, it appeared that she was wearing nothing but cheap rhinestones, which like her, were fake and worthless.

But, as they say, appearances can sometimes be deceiving!

To me, the ‘Prig’ was the epitome of every condescending stuck up high society girl that probably everyone has had the misfortune to be the victim of!

That girl, who mainly because of her looks, was popular with everyone like her, and had no use for those who, forever what reason they deemed, was ostracized by those of her type.

In school, I unfortunately to my fragile self-esteem, knew girls like this one, and was a witness, sometimes victim, to many a scene of arrogance displayed by girls like her.

This one was naive, too young to be acting the way she was!

Her mannerisms were just like a beacon, reaching out to someone brave enough to teach this derisive welp a lesson.

So, wallowing in my boredom, a spark began to kindle into flame deep within my brain.

Determined not to let the evening be a total loss, I decided to act upon it and be that brave someone!

My plan being to theoretically get revenge on all those smirking girls who tormented me during school, by knocking this cocky little scamp down a few pegs, using the best of my abilities...


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