A Sticky Wicket

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Acte 5: The Actor on Stage

Now, I’m not one normally to act as judge, jury, and executioner in most situations.

For in my selected line of work it would be hypocritical.

But obviously, old wounds/memories had been ripped open by the antics of the ‘Prig’

This long-haired blonde scampering about reminded me of ones who had ridiculed me, another lifetime ago.

A life I had left behind long ago, and which I had very little toleration to see repeated by others!

This opportunity for bittersweet revenge had presented itself for the taking!

Along with the pull to obtain a little solace by using my unique talents, was far too great an urge to resist avenging!

Talk about mixing pleasure with business!

I thought wickedly to myself, smiling with inviting feelings.

Believe me, this girl would be no innocent victim, and nothing I was about to attempt would leave her with any type of lasting impression, or harm!

But if I could cause her at least some considerable discomfort to ruin the rest of her evening out, it would be a reward in and of itself!

I again eyed her in a new light.

Looking over the sparkling jewels she was wearing with all the seriousness of plying my hobby on acquiring some of them!

Although she didn’t fit any of my favorite pre-requisites:

She certainly was not drunk on alcohol!

She was merely just intoxicated in her questionable self-esteem, which can work just as well!


I waited until her friends had all deserted her for the evening, leaving her alone, quite vulnerably so!

I knew how to approach her, with a method to my madness…

I walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder.

She whirled facing me, her eyes going from happy expectations to a glare!

“What do you want!?”

she snipped disdainfully…

Calmly I held her gaze, asking with what I hoped was my most wily voice…

“I was hoping you would help me win a bet?

She was curious, but wary of me, since I did not appear her social equal, nor was I handsome enough to win her approval!

As you should be my pretty miss!

I remember thinking that to myself at the time, inwardly enjoying this game as I tried not to botch it by looking at her jewels, or scintillatingly gowned figure!

She continued eyes sizing me up and down, then she looked away for a second, and I seized the moment to take in her jewels!

Not at all disappointed in them, but it was too quick a look before she was once again eyeing me with dripping sarcasm!

My curiosity was aroused about her necklace, I needed to get a closer look to appraise them!

“Why should I help you!?”

She practically spat out the words like cutting daggers.

What a tosh I thought before answering with a smile…

“It’s this way miss, a couple of boys over at the bar, bet me 50 quid that I could not get a dance with the prettiest girl here!”


she asked primping…

I shook my head, soulfully confessing...

“No Miss! I picked you, they had wanted me to dance with someone far less pretty, in my honest opinion!”

With a slight hint of hesitation, she shook her head, earrings flying out glimmering…

“I don’t think so!”

I pleading implored…

“Just for fifteen minutes luv. That’s all I need (which was the truth), and I’ll split my winnings with you on top of it!”

She finally bought it, hook, line, pound signs in her adorable violet coloured eyes.

“Fifteen minutes, no more!”

she specified, before, be-grudgingly, allowing me to lead her to the dance floor.


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