A Sticky Wicket

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Acte 6: Danse’ of the Highwayman

So it was that a man costumed as a “masked highwayman” led a bejeweled “movie star” in a slinky gold gown onto the dance floor for 15 minutes of heavenly misdirection!


Now, as I took her stiff body in my arms, I was able to satisfy my curiosity about the girl’s necklace, and it caused a dilemma to rear its thought-provoking head.

A sticky wicket if you will…

While she was busy looking around to make sure none of her remaining friends saw her dancing with a commoner like me, I allowed myself a couple of precious minutes to think.

Her long fake diamond earrings were nothing more than rhinestone, clip held, and an easy pick.

I wanted to try for them both,( I knew how I would do it), and losing a pair of earrings would send a message that they had not just fallen away.

Also, I would be suspected by her, which suited me just fine.

However, my indecision was caused by the vixen’s exceptionally pretty necklace.

While the rest of her plentiful jewels were cheap rhinestones as I had suspected, the row of diamonds that rippled blazingly around her throat was in fact, the real McCoy!

Expensively real, as in paying for all my expenses this week, and then probably for the rest of this year!

So, which should I go for, that was my vexing question?

The necklace would be profitable and easy but she may just suspect its clasp had broken.

The earrings would be just for a sporty trophy, not worth anything but for the knowledge that she would know she had been a victim.

Ah, life’s precious little quandaries!

I refocused on the task at hand, only a few precious minutes left to make a decision!

She certainly was a charmer, this disdainful one, if in looks only!.

Her unrelentingly stiff figure was warm, downy soft to the touch, underneath the scintillating slippery gown.

The show her sparkling jewels produced was most pleasing to the eye.

All in all quite a pretty portrait, a shame it was that I was not allowed to fully appreciate it.

Which was fine by me!

I was able to concentrate freely on the task at hand!

I looked around, the coast was still clear, she was still looking everywhere but at me!

So, I continued with the dance, my partner still rigid, so very true to her nasty character.

Then, with five minutes left, I made up my mind on what jewelry she would not be leaving the ball wearing.

Eyeing for one last time her mesmerizingly swaying long earrings and the flickering diamonds of her necklace that graced her pretty little throat…

Sighing, I executed my move…


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