Puzzles of a Family

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A newly divorced mom of four finds herself in a group of men who want to help her. She has no idea what is going to happen next.

Mystery / Romance
Kat Thomas
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Chapter One

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The green was full of people for the get together for the local school. Families of all sizes were there in a sea of rainbow colors, which represented all the local schools. It seemed it was bringing more of a crowd of friends and family to support the youngsters as they all ran to support a local child who was just diagnosed with cancer.
The group of men and women that had formed around three children was encouraging them to run fast and try their best. As the kids went to stand with their schools and the right age groups, the group of men moved off to the side while the four women stood together and looked around.
“Why did we have to come again?” Ieyasu asked as he looked at the team leader of the elite team they were all on.
“To support the kids,” Nobunaga replied. “They are your niece and nephews, after all.”
“Right.” Sasuke said, “I personally always hated things like this when I was a kid.”
“Why?” Yukimura asked.
“Nerd,” Sasuke said as he pointed to himself.
“You still are.” Someone called out.
“Thanks,” Sasuke said as he took a sip of the hot coffee in his hand.
“Still doesn’t explain why we have to be here on our day off,” Masamune said.
“Because we don’t get to see our kids that much, and they should have the support of everyone. This is a good cause, after all.” Hideyoshi said as he tried to find his daughter in the lineup for their school.
“So, because some of you have kids we all are punished?” Mitsuhide laughed, “wonderful.”
“Well I know my princess was looking forward to this and seeing everyone.” Shingen chuckled.
Nobunaga’s wife was looking around when she spotted someone in the crowd and waved them over. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
“Sarina’s mom is here. You should probably meet her as your son loves her daughter uncontrollably.” She laughed.
“The girl or the mom?” Nobunaga chuckled.
“He loves the girl.” She said shaking her head, “her mom has had a rough time of it, though. Her jackass of a soon to be ex-husband I think they are still married has made her life horrible lately so just be nice.”
“We are always nice,” Kenshin said softly, and at that, Shingen’s wife snorted.
A little blond girl with bright blue eyes along with a darker haired girl a few years younger arrived in front of Nobunaga’s wife. “Hello Mrs. Oda!”
“Hello there Sarina. Who is this?” Nobunaga’s wife asked as she bent to the girl’s level.
“My sister Gabby,” Sarina said. “Mom is trying to get my other little sister to move.”
“Well I will tell your mom that you went to your schools line up. You should head over there and have fun racing.” She said with a soft smile. She looked up to find the mother of the girls looking down and trying to get the toddler on her side to move while carrying an infant in her arms. She started over to the other woman. “Looks like you need another set of hands.”
“Evolution theory was debunked by motherhood I swear.” Kit said as she looked down at her daughter. “Carissa can you take Mrs. Oda’s hand, please.” The feisty two-year-old looked at the other woman and smiled as she reached out to take the hand of the other woman, “of course you would.” Kit said to herself, and the other woman laughed.
“Kids always want someone other than their parents. Nick was the same way.” Torrie Oda smiled softly. “We have a whole group, so she will be watched well over here.”
“A few minutes of sanity would not go amiss.” Kit said with a smile.
“How is the baby?” Torrie asked as they made their way to the outskirts of where the group was standing. Kit looked down at the baby in her arms.
“He is fine for now.” Kit said.
“Well if you need a break from him as well, we have arms that miss having a baby around.” Torrie laughed.
" I wouldn’t know that feeling.” Kit laughed. She looked up and saw her worst nightmare in front of her then glanced over and saw the other one as well. “Crap.”
“You okay?” Torrie stopped and asked.
“That group you were talking about that is them?” Kit asked.
“Yeah, my husband and his teammates,” Torrie asked.
“Oh.” Kit said. She ducked her head to hide her face for a minute.
“Is there a problem?” Torrie has stopped to look at her.
“I work with them too.” Kit said, “I am their research doctor. They didn’t know about the kids.”
“Oh well if any one of them starts with you, just let me or one of the others know, Kit, you do have friends around,” Torrie said softly.
“Thanks.” Kit said as she looked over to the other problem in her way. “Hold on tight to Carissa if she sees her D-a-d she will run, and there will be a scene.”
“Your ex is here?” Torrie asked softly.
“Yeah.” Kit sighed. She sent a silent prayer to the heavens above that none of the girls saw him. He was talking intently to the boy in front of him and messing with the boy’s hair. He knew his daughters were here, and he made no attempt to see them, but he was playing around with his new girlfriend’s son like he was his own. It broke something in Kit’s heart. She was fuming now.
“Are you okay?” Torrie asked as she looked at the change in Kit’s demeanor.
“I will be fine.” Kit said as she continued to the group. Carissa started dancing and entered the group of strangers like she knew who they all were. She smiled and began to charm everyone.
“This is Kit,” Torrie said, and everyone in the group looked at her like she had grown three extra heads.
“You work on base?” Mitsunari asked as he knew he had seen the woman before.
“Idiot, she works with us,” Yukimura said as he knocked the other man with a slight punch in the arm.
“Well Princess welcome.” Shingen smiled, and his wife smacked his arm.
“Excuse him. He automatically goes into flirting mode as soon as a woman is near him.” Shingen’s wife smiled.
“It’s no problem.” Kit smiled. The baby in her arms started to make noise and start wiggling around. Kit looked down and moved the baby, so he could see what was going on around him.
“He is adorable.” Shingen’s wife came over to play with the baby.
“You have children?” Kenshin asked.
“Four.” Kit replied.
“Sarina is your daughter?” Nobunaga asked.
“My oldest.” Kit smiled. She looked around and saw her two daughters looking in the direction of their father. Gabby looked like she was going to cry. “Goddamnit.”
“Something wrong?” Hideyoshi asked.
“Yeah you could say that.” Kit said as her voice took a hard turn.
“What is it?” Sasuke asked.
“My daughters just saw their father.” Kit said.
“That is a problem?” Mitsunari asked.
“He knew they would be here, but he isn’t here for them.” Kit said. “They are seeing him play with his new girlfriend’s kid in a way he never did with them.”
“Oh” a collective thing was said.
“What an asshole,” Shingen said. He stood up taller over the group.
“You have no idea.” Kit said softly. She wanted to go over to her girls and protect them, but Kit knew she had to let the girls see their father for what he was. He walked away when she was three months pregnant with the last baby. He wanted better things he had said. Kit had tried to hide the fact the better things was his girlfriend he had on the side for a year or so prior and her son. She had never said a bad word to the girls about their father often swallowing her own feelings. He had not even come when their son was born. He refused to sign his birth certificate paperwork as their divorce had already happened and he didn’t have to. He thought his child support payments were too high already, and he didn’t want another child added to it. So he began a campaign to say their only son was not his child. Kit hated the man now. Everything he did was to push his young children away and the woman he once said he loved more than life itself.
She sighed and looked down into the baby’s face. “I didn’t even realize you were pregnant.” Hideyoshi said, “We all would have done more if we had known.”
“It’s okay. Not many people knew. It wasn’t exactly a great time.” Kit said.
“When did he leave?” Kenshin asked as almost all the men Looked daggers at him. “What is it a question everyone wants to ask?”
“You don’t ask crap like that!” Shingen said as he glared at the other man.
“It’s okay, guys.” Kit said with a laugh, “The divorce was final a month before he was born so about three months ago. He walked out when I was three months pregnant. He wanted “better things” he didn’t know I had just found out about his side chick. Him leaving was the best thing that happened to me. However he walked away from them, and I cannot forgive him for that. Hell he went as far as to say the baby isn’t his, and he refused to sign for him to have his last name. It’s okay though the baby is just mine.”
“Does he pay for them?” One of the guys asked.
“He is supposed too.” She laughed, “He hasn’t in the past three months though. I don’t push the child support issue.”
“You should take the ass hat to the cleaners.” A voice in the back said.
“I’m fine. So are the kids. The less of a connection to him the better I am.” She said softly.
The races were beginning. They all watched, and somehow, Carissa had found a perch on Yukimura’s shoulders as he paraded around with her up there. She was clapping and yelling for everyone. When her sisters were racing though it was a different story she was screaming for them to go faster. Gabby’s race was first, and she placed in the middle, and then Kit went to go get her. She had handed the baby to Shingen’s wife who was cooing over him.
“Mommy why is daddy here?” Gabby asked.
“Daddy is here to see the races.” Kit said as she picked up her daughter and walked back to group. “Some of the people I work with are here, so we are going to stand with them.”
“Did daddy come to see Rina and me?” Gabby asked.
“Daddy knew you would be here.” Kit said. She did not want to get into this here and now.
“Daddy looks mad,” Gabby said.
“I haven’t seen Daddy, so I don’t know.” Kit said.
“Can I go see him?” Gabby asked.
“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Kit replied. Knowing if she let her daughter go over there, all hell would break loose.
“I wanna see daddy!” Gabby nearly yelled.
“If you want Kit I can go with her,” Shingen said as they neared.
“Thank you for the offer, but gasoline and fire don’t mix.” She smiled. “Gabby, you need to stay here.”
“I wanna see daddy!” Gabby demanded.
“And I said not now.” Kit replied. “You can see daddy on his day.”
“Daddy never comes on his day,” Gabby replied.
“I hate having smart kids.” Kit said to herself. “This is daddy’s time, Gabby. He wants to be over there. He knows he could see you.” She put her daughter down and as soon as her feet hit the ground she ran over to her father. “Like I couldn’t see that happening.”
“Do you want one of us to go get her?” Sasuke asked quietly.
“As much as I want to say yes this is not going to go well anyway. He needs to either step up and act like a father to his own kids, or he needs to break her heart. Either way I can’t be the bad guy forever.” Kit said as she watched as Gabby got closer and closer to her father. When she stood in front of him, and he looked down and sneered at her. Kit’s anger level went sky high. When he spoke to the girl she saw the second her tiny open, and loving heart broke, and that made Kit furious. She looked back at the group and then made her way over there to get her daughter.
She looked at Gabby who had tears pouring down her face. She picked her daughter up without words, without anything in his direction, and then moved through the crowd to the group. She stopped and looked at her daughter before she got there to the group, “What did daddy say to you?”
“That I should go away and that I wasn’t his daughter that I was mistaken,” Gabby said. “He pretended mommy that I am not his daughter.”
“I want you to stay with the group of my coworkers.” Kit said. She walked over and put the girl down, and she looked up to the man closest to her. “Can you watch her for a second? If I go to jail they know who to call.”
Someone behind said ,“Jail?”
“For homicide.” She said as she turned and stalked off toward the direction of the man whom she had married seven years prior. The man she had four children with. The man she wanted to kill at the moment.
She looked at the woman next to him and ignored her for the time being, “If you don’t have the decency to actually acknowledge your own children in public do not come to school functions for the town.”
“Go away Kit.” He said as he looked at her, “I thought I was done with you a few months ago.”
“Oh you are done with me you raving jackass until you mess with one of our kids.” Kit replied.
“I don’t have any kids.” He said, “all your brats were from your affairs bitch. You know it, and I know it.”
“That’s why the girl’s DNA tests all came back ninety-nine point nine nine percent positive they were yours. That rumor didn’t work in court, and it doesn’t out here. I get it you want to play dad to your girlfriend’s kid, I do use that term lightly, at least pretend to be nice to your own.” Kit said.
“I just told you, bitch, I don’t have any kids. Your brats are your problem.” He said, and they both heard the intake of breath behind her. She turned and saw Sarina standing there. Kit’s shoulders slumped.
“Dad?” Sarina asked.
“Sorry, kid. Ask your whore of a mother who your real dad is. It ain’t me.” He said as his girlfriend’s kid walked up and he turned to the kid, “come on buddy. You did so well. Let’s go get a treat.”
“Dad?” Sarina said as she asked again.
“I SAID I AM NOT YOUR FATHER ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING!” He roared at the girl. Kit quickly turned and grabbed her daughter who was standing still as the tears streamed down her face. She looked at the man who was her father.
“Don’t ever talk to them again!” Kit said as two members of the team walked over and stood behind her staring the man in front of them down. What she hadn’t seen was his arm had gone up, and he was about ready to hit Kit.
He turned and looked at his girlfriend, and he grabbed her arm and grabbed the boy who was just watching and pulled them off the soccer field.
“Say the word, and I will go after him,” Kenshin said.
“No.” Kit replied she pushed her daughter to the group and she took the baby back. She gathered Gabby, Carissa, and Sarina along with the baby in her arms and moved them away from the group. She went to the back of the field and sat down. She waited for the last of the races to be run and watched the people start to leave. The group lolled back to her, and she nodded she was okay. They all began to disappear. She wanted the field to be clear. Her daughters looked a mess. She was too. A voice came from behind her, “looks like you need some help moving your group of goblins.”
She turned and saw the one person who hadn’t said a thing to her the entire time she had been there. “Are you offering?” She asked as she swallowed.
“Accept the help, princess.” He said as he bent down and removed the baby from her arms. He looked at the baby and then the rest of the kids, ” Do you like to play games?”
“Yeah,” Sarina said.
“I like games too.” He chuckled.
“Mitsuhide don’t play mind games with my kids.” She said, “They have gone through enough today.”
“I know that, sweetheart.” He said, “I remember how it felt when my father did the same thing.”
“Oh.” She said.
“Come on little goblins. We shall go see what games we can get into.” Mitsuhide said as the kids seemed fine with the idea of following a stranger to their car.
She shook her head and knew the day went from worst to maybe slightly better for once in a long while.

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